Marching Band Show – Different Facets of the Spectacular Event

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Music is what feelings sound like.

Yes, that’s true. No matter how agitated or disturbed you are, a piece of slow music would bring immense calm to your soul and you’d eventually cool down. Music is an art because it expresses what a person thinks or dreams more often.

Putting up a spectacular marching band show is a daunting task. Even experts agree that a perfect show winning applause from the audience is not so easy to execute. It takes determined efforts, skills, practice, and rehearsals. And most of all, it needs ingenuity. On a platform, where people have come to hear something new, they won’t be easily pleased with an old concept playing out there.

The Brainstorming Session

What happens in “brainstorming” exactly? The congregation of ideas gives birth to new concepts and that is why hearing out the marching band show ideas in these sessions is so vital. Some drill designers and band directors like listening various music stuff, mainly to understand what affected the audience in a good and bad way. Themes are decided in these sessions, which comprise the elements that were effective in impressing the judges and the audience. The beats, the scores, the drums, the colors, the visuals, and the rest are aligned to put up an impeccable show.

Drawing inspiration in the first place

The first piece of music may come striking, but it takes a week or more than that for writing the initial score. The music composers take a lot of time listening to a particular music again and again. That’s where they think of the counts, big guard hits, percussion breaks, peaks, transitions, etc. A band may not be aware that there are so many elements in the musical literature that a writer may go confused every now then. It’s not the elements they get confused with, but the choices they face while selecting one element over the other.

Coming back to the gaps

When someone gets down to writing the marching band show music, there are huge possibilities of encountering gaps. Those are not intentional but kept for a specific time later. Given the benefit of charting software, the experts nowadays are able to showcase a complete presentation of the complete drill, synced up with the music. The online simulation enables the students to pick their part and see what they are going to perform at the stadium. Not just that, the privilege of modifying stances, music and other elements are great.

Professional help is the key

Why not seek a professional? Some bands may cite various valid and invalid reasons for that. It is obvious that a professional company or expert would listen and discuss with the band members about their strengths, weaknesses, instruments, movements, experiences and more. The entire discussion takes place before the expert makes an offer. Once they are aware of the whole scenario, they give out the right solution adding their creativity. These are quite affordable and a band would be able to manage it without any hiccups.

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