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As you all are living in a digitally connected and fast-paced world today, the time has truly become the most valued currency. This has resulted in mostly everyone looking forward to innovative methods for maximizing productivity, as that can work and even live smartly to make the best use of their time.

A big thanks to digital innovation, now there is an influx of smartphone apps available in the market today, designed specifically to simplify your lives, both personally and professionally. When technology is there to make your lives more accessible, why not use it to its maximum potential?

Here are some top apps you must download today using a reliable source:


Are you struggling to keep track of your to-do lists? With having various jobs scattered on various lists saved on your smartphone and post-it notes, it’s no wonder why you cannot keep track. Wanderlust is the best solution for keeping track of chaos. This fantastic and handy app allows you to well-organize all your professional and personal to-dos in the right/one place, thus making it super easy to get all your stuff completed on time. You can even set reminders and due dates so that you would avoid missing deadlines again. So, streamline your life further by simply syncing your Wanderlust account on all your digital devices so that you can access and also keep track of all your to-dos easily.

  • Google translate
GTIS | google-translate

You can avoid those awkward situations if you are overseas in a good restaurant and struggling to order dishes because they don’t offer an English menu. The Google translate app will allow you to use your camera for an instant text translation in around 26 languages. This app also offers two-way automatic speech translation in about 40 languages. If you want to know what that street sign is saying? It’s simple – take a snap, and you get an answer. With the privilege of a personal translator at your fingertips, traveling is much easier than before.

  • Airtasker

Let you all face it, no one out there actually wants to perform household chores such as gardening, cleaning and vacuuming on weekends. So, here is good news: now you don’t have to do all that. The trend of outsourcing is not new but in the present times it has seen an upward trend with people outsourcing to various markets. With apps like Airtasker, you can simply click a button to outsource work. If you suddenly feel hungry at night but cannot get food? Outsource this task and have someone deliver your favorite dishes to you. So, instead of exhausting on weekends or otherwise, you could easily delegate them to your ‘personal assistance’ for any day instead.

  • Pocket
9 Best Alternatives to Pocket App (2019) – TechWiser

Most of you hate it when you are reading an interesting article on your smartphone, but you cannot finish reading it because your stop has come and you need to get off the bus? But it’s absolutely no problem if you have a pocket. You can simply save any interesting videos or articles from the web for enjoying it later. Once you have saved it to Pocket, your list of saved content is visible and could be accessed on any available device, whether it is your tablet, phone, or computer. And the best part is – your saved content can even be viewed in offline mode. It is a great blessing for those long and tedious trips when you don’t have any flight entertainment or also for your daily commute if you don’t wish to exhaust your data usage.

  • Runkeeper

If you want to get fit but cannot afford to have a personal trainer, Runkeeper is your running buddy as well as coach, and you constantly desired but never knew how to go about it. With this amazing app, you can easily reach your fitness goals with a running regime that shows you precisely what you must do.

Whether you want to challenge yourself, lose weight, learn to practice, or run for a race, there is definitely something customized for everyone at all levels. There is even a social element – you can partner with friends and thus celebrate progress together.

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