Kettler Match 5.0 Weatherproof Outdoor Table Review

Kettler Match 5.0 Weatherproof Outdoor Table Review
Written by Jrichie

Playing outside the house or outside your ping pong club sometimes is a refreshing time to hang out with your friends. Playing ping pong outdoor need a high quality material due to prevent the damage by the weather. Wind, rain and direct sunlight for several time can cause dull on your ping pong table. Some rust might appear also.

Kettler Match 5.0 Weatherproof Outdoor Table Review

You need a weatherproof ping pong table to meet your need. Kettler Match 5.0 Weatherproof Outdoor Table Like other Kettler products it has high quality material for playing outdoor.

Suitable for outdoor use

Sometimes you like to keep your ping pong table stand outside your house with or without a shelter. You just too lazy, after spend too many energy while playing, too move and fold your ping pong table to your warehouse or inside your house. No problem. Using Kettler Match 5.0 Weatherproof Outdoor table tennis table, no need to worry about your table tennis table outside your house. Equipped with 7/8” thick Absolutely weatherproof sealed aluminum composite tournament Top with proprietary ALU-TECH underside which good in handle the change of the climate outside. Controls expansion and contraction due to weather changes. You do not have to worry about the color of being dull. Using unique water based paint and top coat UV leads to scratch and fade resistant. No worry about the scratch, fade color and dullness. Really something you need to play with outside your home.

Strong and easy to use

Play outside also need a strong stand legs to hold your play, with anti rust coated legs would be suitable outside your house. Have a large table to play with dimensions of 108” in length and 60” in width with 30” height, enough for you to create your own tournament at your back yard. Need more space at your back yard after playing? Then just fold your ping pong table and wove it the storage place. Safety first, equipped with safety lock to prevent accidentally open when folded or fell down when you are playing. Just play your best smash with no worry your table tennis table would scratch or fell. Also with four easy to whirling wheels make you spend less energy to move this table. Keep it everywhere when folded, with dimensions of 22” width and 66.75” height and 72” length, make it easy for you to keep this ping pong table wherever you want.

Play like a pro with certified true tournament bounce for unmatched quality and performance of the Kettler Match 5.0. You will get real bounce ball while playing. Also completed with smooth lines to make you comfortable while playing as long as you wish to. Finish playing, then just put your table tennis bats and ball on the side of the table. You will not lose your playing equipment.

Complete your ping pong accessories collection with Kettler Heavy-Duty Outdoor Table Tennis Cover to cover up your table tennis table in storage place. Also add some new equipment for playing, the Kettler 7244-100 for 4 player table tennis set completed with 4 bats and eight table tennis balls. You can watch more best ping pong table here:

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