Keep Your Dear One by Your Side with Cremation Jewelry

It is not easy for you to leave the hand of your loved one. However, you can always keep the memories awake of your dear one with cremation jewelry. It is a beautiful and unique way to honor your dear one by keeping their memories close to your heart always. Cremation jewelry is a piece of accessory that can be used to keep a small amount of ashes of your loved one inside and turn them into personal keepsakes.

Types of Cremation Jewelry

You will get a wide range of options for cremation jewelry, but there are three main types. They are:

  • Urn Jewelry

Urn jewelry is basically a type of pendant where you can put the ashes of your deceased loved one and seal it inside. You can wear this pendant on a regular basis.

  • Cremation Diamonds

Cremation diamonds have come into the market recently where you can turn the ashes of your loved one into a certified diamond. You can put this diamond to your cremation jewelry pendants, necklaces, or on your finger ring.

  • Processed Jewelry

Processed jewelry is another type of cremation jewelry where you can transform the ashes of your dear one into any other material usually glass.

Materials Used for Cremation Jewelry

The most common material that is used for making various kinds of cremation jewelry is metal. But now you will find a lot of other options apart from metals: make your own cremation necklace as a keepsake. Here are the common cremation jewelry materials.

  • Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Another widely used material for making cremation jewelry is sterling silver. This is one of the materials that you can wear on an everyday basis because it can withstand wear and tear. When you wear silver jewelry, it gives a peaceful vibe, so it is always good to choose silver cremation jewelry to feel your loved one.

  • Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Stainless steel is the most common material that is used to make cremation jewelry in a variety of designs and styles. You have cremation jewelry pendants, necklaces, lockets, rings, and bracelets. You will also get them in a wide range of styles like heart, teardrop, cylindrical, feather, filigree, eternity, and other contemporary designs.

  • Solid Gold Cremation Jewelry

You can opt for cremation jewelry in solid gold as well. Though it is difficult to maintain gold if you wear it often, you can wear your gold cremation necklace or locket on special days like the birthday or death anniversary of your dear one to remember his or her words.

Other Cremation Jewelry 

Apart from the common ones, you will find a lot of cremation jewelry in other fashionable styles like rose gold, bronze, pearl, and vintage.

Cremation jewelry is the most fascinating way of keeping your deceased near and dear one deep inside your heart. You can turn them into beautiful personal keepsakes to keep alive the memories with your loved one.

The trend of wearing cremation jewelry has become popular as the number of styles and varieties of materials, designs, and applications are increasing. Some are made for keeping the ashes; others are made with the ashes.

Cremation jewelry is considered the best way to keep your deceased loved one near to your heart. You can carry cremation jewelry pendants throughout your life and continue to wear for as many years as you want. You will be wearing your cremation jewelry forever and potentially pass it to your future generation. So you need to choose high-quality materials to protect your pieces from wearing away. While most people choose a traditional cremation necklace or pendant, you can always be imaginative when styling your own cremation jewelry pieces. You can incorporate the ashes into a bracelet, a bangle, a brooch, and even a ring.

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