Influencer Marketing Works Right for Niche Communities? Want to Know How?

How many influencers have you come across when browsing Instagram on your mobile phone? You had an encounter with influencers promoting beauty products or influencers talking about a newly launched tech product? Both the influencers are different, as their audience niche is different. Beauty brands can’t use tech influencers and vice versa.

Whether you are a traveller interested in eco-tourism or a fashion lover fascinated by new punk styles, with the Internet, you can find niche communities with specific interests easily. 

As a marketer, if you want to target a small audience, niche influencers can do the work for you and help you grow your Instagram organically. Through Instagram influencer marketing, brands can easily reach niche communities. 

How to Identify your Brand’s Niche Community

If you identify a niche for your brand, you will find it easy to distinguish yourself from large–scale competitors with a broad audience. Identifying your niche also saves your time, money and efforts in marketing your services to a large audience. To find a niche that fits with your brand, answer the following questions.

  • Do my products and services appeal to a certain age group?
  • Do my customers come from a specific region, state or city?
  • Does my brand speak to specific values or interests?
  • Does the price of my products target a particular income group of people?

How to Find Niche Influencers?

By selecting niche influencers, brands can narrow down the list of potential partners. Some effective strategies to find niche influencers on social media include:

Make use of Hashtags

Use hashtags to sort relevant posts on social media. The key is to be specific when finding a post in a niche community. For instance, don’t search for #health, instead search for #women health for more specific results. Find accounts that focus on conventions and share informative content. By doing so, you may also find an influencer who suits your needs. 

Look for micro and nano influencers

When you are targeting a niche community, work with influencers who are popular in that niche. For instance, you can work with a travel micro-influencer that focuses on tourist travel destinations. This way, you are targeting influencers with a limited audience size but who are extremely engaged. 

You can use Influencer Discovery Tool

There are certain tools that help you streamline the influencer search process. Narrow down the search by using tools like keyword and audience demographic filters. Next, create a list of social media personalities that fit in your brand’s niche and review their work to find the ideal match. Your work doesn’t end with finding suitable influencers. Next, you have to target niche communities to increase followers on Instagram organically and increase engagement.


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