In case if you wonder How to style a Bookshelf? Here are Pro tips

How to style a Bookshelf?

An avid book reader always wants to enjoy each line and phrase written in the book. Having a bookshelf provides space to arrange the books and adds up to the aesthetics of the room. It makes the room a better area to read. Using artifacts in the bookshelves also adds elegance to the room. It helps make the room look clutter-free. So along with adding a great appeal to the room, bookshelves provide a lot of benefits like:

  • Space Saver
  • Easy access to books
  • Reflection of your personality
  • Perfect style cabinet
  • Organize your clutter
  • Appear to be aesthetically pleasing
    Styling a bookshelf is gaining a lot of popularity as it adds your style to the decor. The type of shelf you use is also very crucial. Bookshelves come in a lot of shapes and sizes. It would help if you chose them as per the size of the room and your requirements.

With a few tips and tricks, you can make the bookshelf look amazing.

Layer up using the most oversized books first:

If you begin to style your shelf with small decorative items, it would be difficult to place the larger ones later. So you must start with larger artifacts first, like vases or artwork. It will be beneficial in getting the balance right and define a basic layout for you. The height and size of the bookshelf are significant. Place bigger pictures and artifacts at the back and place smaller frames and decorative pieces in the front. Placing stacked books horizontally adds up to the aesthetics of the shelf.

Mix up the placement to break the monotony:

Books add a pleasing feel to home decor. You may stack the books horizontally and vertically and place them on the left, right, or center of a shelf. It will help break the monotony and make the bookshelf look interesting. It will also balance the weight of the books on the shelf.

Quality over quantity:

Over-styling always gives a negative vibe. There must be a balance of aesthetics and space, allowing each piece to have a space of its own. So make the shelf clutter-free and place books and items that are required.

Light up space:

Adding lighting to your shelf will always attract attention towards space. You may put some LED lights or a string of small lights to highlight a specific area. It will add a personal touch to this space.

Place some decorative objects:

Placing a few decorative objects will up the style quotient of the space. These could be small treasured pieces you have collected over time. You may use old antique works of art, a family portrait, an hourglass, or some pieces of art collected as a souvenir of your travel.

Add up some greens:

Indoor plants add up an immediate wow factor to the space. Not only do they have health benefits, but they also are appealing to the eye. It brings life to the shelf.

There are many options available to choose from, and you can add up these greens depending on the space constraints.

You can pot these plants in a variety of vases to add up to the texture. You may also choose a particular theme (Tropical being a hot favorite these days) and add some wallpapers around. For a natural look, you can go in for neutral shades.

Add up metallic objects and place art pieces in a vase:

An out-of-the-box idea can be to decorate your shelf by placing few pebbles or aroma candles in a large vase. It will portray the artistic side of your personality. The options are unlimited, be creative! You can add bling by placing a few metallic art pieces.

Put in your framed art:

It is a great place to display your artwork too. Tilt your framed artwork against the wall and add p a lovely family portrait that helps you reminiscence old memories. Remember, it is a display of your taste!

Stand back and visualize: These tips and tricks will help you create a balance in your styling. Just stand back and imagine whether the shelf is looking too bland or too cluttered. You can adjust the books and artifacts accordingly. Just make sure the shelf has enough space to breathe and look clutter-free. Just follow your heart, happy styling!

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