Improving The Listening Skills of Your Child is Easy. Here’s how

Written by Shirley Padilla

Making conversations with your child is a must. Children, at their very young age, develop superior listening skills. Listening skills in children is something that has to be exercised for consistent improvement. This is exactly like enhancing the strength and endurance of your body through regular physical workout. Having good listening skills will enable the child to understand what they hear. Here’s what the best preschools in Albuquerquerecommend parents to do for augmenting their child’s listening skills.

Keep Talking To Your Child All The Time:

Tell them an interesting childhood story. Or talk to them about how your day went. Cultivate the habit of talking to your child more frequently about anything that interests them. Teachers of Preschools in Albuquerqueusually emphasize on the importance of communication. This method of constant interaction can surely improve the attention skills of your child over time. Be cautious though, because your child can easily mimic your behavior as well.

Listen To Songs:

Make rhythmic moves according to the music you listen. Create a pattern in the process. Your child will monitor your actions closely and try to understand the pattern. Make your child listen to short verses of songs and you can even reward them if they try to repeat after the same. Some recommended songs include The Hokey Pokey, This Old Man, Follow The Leader, I Am A Little Teapot, Pop Goes The Weasel, Do You Ears Hang Low and more.

Read Books:

Reading books together is a great way to improve your child’s listening skills. While reading, you can pause in between and ask what will happen next in the story. Ask them if they have understood what they have heard so far. This will also help you understand how far they have improved their listening skills.

Dictation Exercises:

Adopting dictation exercises can help enhance the listening skills of your child. There are several workbooks specifically meant for dictation exercises.

Preschool Education Can Help:

Enrolling your child in a preschool is one of the best decisions you can make. Albuquerque preschools programs will impart all the necessary skills for your child and make them ready for school. Their teachers execute appropriate activities that not just improve your child’s listening skills but also pave the way for better interactive skills, improved literacy skills and more.

All of these are above tips can help your child go a long way, nurturing them with all the necessary skills that would help them lead a successful life.

The author is working as a teacher in one of the best preschools in Albuquerque and has an experience of more than 4 years. She offers tips for parents as to how they can improve the listening skills of their child. For more, visit

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