Igor Mazepa: Next Pawn of New Government or Self-sufficient Person

igor mazepa
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igor mazepa

There is a plenty of articles about the founder and CEO of Concorde Capital, Igor Mazepa. He shares useful advice but in fact everything seems to be more complicated if look closer.

Igor Mazepa is in investing business since 1997. By the way, he got to the capital market through the Russian-American investment company Prospect Investments.

Mazepa also admits that he helped Ukrainian oligarchs. After the 1998 crisis, Russia experienced a default, the ruble devalued, and it hit Ukraine. For a while, Igor Mazepa was the head of Foyil Securities New Europe and was the Managing Director of MFK Investment Bank. In 2004 businessman created own company – Concorde Capital when Orange Revolution took place in Ukraine. At the moment, it is one of the largest companies in the market. And more than once it was in the middle of various scandals.

Mazepa Games: the crisis and further work

In August 2008 Concorde Capital suffered from big failure. Then Mazepa’s investment company organized the placement of Sintal Agriculture shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. But due to the crisis, it was not able to attract the required amount of funds.

Today, the Concorde group includes licensing companies Concord Capital LLC and Novavest LLC, which provide services in the Ukrainian stock market, Cyprus Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd. The group owns the UMTC communications operator (Ukrainian Modern Telecommunications LLC), invests in the Financial Company OMP-2013 (brand TYME) and the private medical clinic’s chain Dobrobut.

It’s interesting that Igor Mazepa likes to talk about the results, but not about the mechanisms for achieving the goal. An experienced swindler never reveals his schemes.

In 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspected three dozen physical and legal entities in illegal transactions. Among the suspects was a company that used to be part of the Concorde group.

Financial Pyramid: Mazepa knows how to get money by deceiving people

It should be noted that trade in the forex market in Ukraine is not legally regulated. It is comparable to the work of underground casinos. However it does not prevent the cunning businessmen from making money on the forex market.

One of the most striking examples is PrivateFX, organized by Igor Mazepa. Moreover, he managed to attract people who had previously suffered from fraudulent schemes. Isn’t it a fraud talent?

The new broker offered several withdrawal schemes. The basic scheme was called “1 + 1” . The point is simple: investors needed to deposit the same amount that was frozen on the accounts of the previous pyramid in order to return the invested funds. After that, Mazepa got rid of the compromising asset by selling PrivateFX offshore company Prime Broker – allegedly due to the fact that the venture “did not justify financial expectations. “The affected depositors are assured: the sale of PrimeBroker in April 2017 was fictitious and aimed only at preventing Igor Mazepa from making a commitment to depositors.

New schemes – more money

Now Igor Mazepa owns the TYME system, the unexpected leader of remittances in the country. It uses the sanctions regime with the mediation of transfers with Russia.

Financial journalist Alexander Dubinsky is sure that TYME acts as an intermediary when sending payments to Ukraine from Russia using the money transfer systems “Golden Crown” and “Contact”. He says that now the routing of transfers from Ukraine to Russia through the intermediary of Mazepa TYME is carried out through Kuwait. All this he calls “another illustration of Poroshenko’s greed.” The new government has new financiers, and the money of these financiers is very often “dirty”.

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