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How to start your career as a Cryptocurrencies Writer?

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Written by sixpl

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are now generating numerous jobs that were not there before the genesis block. Being a blockchain writer can be a reasonably profitable career that can help you earn some decent amount that too by just working from home!

Let us help you more with an easy-to-follow guide for starting your career as a cryptocurrency writer.


Create a Portfolio.


One of the most crucial elements that will help you to land in a good position is an impressive portfolio. Adding your previously written content as a sample can give you fruitful results as an employer will always try to make sure that your content is excellent and exciting. Preferably it is better to include content in your portfolio that is already published. There is enough space on the internet where you can get your content published for free, such as, Steemit, and many more..


Creating a Writer’s CV


Your CV represents you. It’s your CV which will help you stand out exceptionally in front of the potential employers. Your educational background, previous experience and your knowledge regarding bitcoin and blockchain technology must be there in your CV.

The blockchain technology is something new and relatively tricky for non-tech savvy individuals, so you must show your understanding of the technology to your potential buyer via your CV.


Applying for cryptocurrency news sites


As mentioned earlier, blockchain technology being relatively new, it is hard to find writers with adequate knowledge of the technology & ability to write compelling content.

Therefore, most of the cryptocurrency news sites are always in the hunt of writers & journalists. Enlisted below are some of the cryptocurrency news sites that are active in the pursuit:

Although these are just some examples, you can find tons of similar sites, which will be pleased to add you to their team of workers, if you are an excellent Bitcoin Writer. All you need to do is google “Bitcoin News Sites.”     


Sharing your content on Social Media


Content that creates traffic is always a treasure for a webmaster. If your content can generate traffic over the internet, then you are inevitably going to be valuable to the employer. To generate traffic to your content, you must share it on social media. While sharing, you can simply add links to your published material on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit’s, r/ Bitcoin or r/cryptocurrency.


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