How To Recycle An Old Mobile Phone

By simply selling it to be reused

The most common way of recycling your old mobile phone is by simply selling it off to someone who needs it. Nowadays a lot of old mobile phones are there in the market to be sold and many people are looking up to buy old mobile phones as it has its own benefits so if you are thinking of any immediate or easiest way to recycle your old mobile phone it is always an option for you to sell it as it also brings you profit, as well as someone, can afford a mobile phone For a lesser price than a new one.

Selling its parts

Some mobile phones and devices are highly damaged after they are used or because of some mishap that happened with them but that certainly doesn’t mean that they are a complete waste. These mobile phones or at least some of these mobile phones can be used in many other ways. For example, there are parts both the internal and external parts have value because they all together make the whole mobile phone and while some of the parts of the mobile phone is damaged or let’s say there is a malfunction in the mobile phone but the parts are not damaged, the parts can still be taken out and resold to someone as that part can be used in another device to fix it. This saves a lot of money as well as Also gives a thought to the environment.

Make it a remote

Almost all households have a smartphone as well as a smart TV today and the smart TV has remotes that are different than the older version of the TVs. One can simply make a whole new remote out of an old mobile phone that is a universal remote as there are many applications of smart TV remote on the App Store as well as the play store. You can download the TV remote application specifically of the brand of your television set and yes you have a whole new remote at your home without adding any extra cost.

Mini desktop

Laptops are also very important nowadays because of work purposes or many more things not everyone can afford a whole new device for their activities so your old mobile phone can become a mini version of a laptop you can solely dedicate your old mobile phone for any of the work you would like to do on the desktop you can convert your old mobile phone simply into a mini desktop as it is also easy to carry it anywhere and work even while traveling a mini next stop will help you with all the work out even entertainment if you need it any time.

Navigation device

Physical paper maps aren’t a thing anymore there are online maps and the famous one which everyone uses is Google maps. hence everyone navigates their way throughout the journey on Google maps.

You can see the navigation even while you are traveling through rental cabs or cars your old mobile is the perfect navigation device you will ever have as you can keep the mobile phone only for navigating and using it for map and direction purposes. You can just leave it in the car and whenever you are trying to go anywhere you can just Navigate your way

Gaming device

With so many technological advancements not only in machines but the gaming sector, there are literally phones launched for gamers as some games consume a very big part of the battery life and the space on a mobile phone. It would be a great thing if you have a different and separate device only for gaming. You can simply convert your own mobile phone into a gaming device as it will not even lag because you are using it only for the game.


This is the best one can do. You can simply donate your phone to charity and the amount can be used for the betterment of the underprivileged. There are many websites and organizations that accept phones in the form of charity and even if you don’t find one you can sell your mobile phone in Mumbai and donate the money to someone who needs it or else you can donate the whole mobile phone to someone who is in real need of it.


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