How to Motivate Millenials – Lessons from Keynote Speakers

Millennial Speakers
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What is the best way of communicating with a millennial? How to motivate a millennial? If these are the questions that has been bothering you, then you have come to the right place.

Understanding millennials and what drives them is a key question that most organziations are struggling to finding an answer to. This question becomes even more significant considering there is a multigenerational workforce in companies across the globe these days.

As a generation with the largest number of individuals in the history of the US, millennials influence the market enormously from both within an organization and outside of it. This makes finding answer to the question – how to motivate millennials in an organization – even more important.

There are some leading Millennial Workplace Keynote Speakers like Jeff Butler who offer interesting, useful ideas about finding, recruiting and retaining millennials in an organization. There is a lot that you can learn from him and other keynote speakers. Here we share some lessons.

Keep it Simple

There are some principles of quality communication which transcends across generations. For instance, it should be crisp, clear and contextual.

If we talk about the older folks of the millennial generation, then it is likely most of them grew up with at least some exposure to technology. The relatively younger ones have had more exposure and therefore have better connection with technology. This piece of information greatly impacts the mode of communication that would be ideal for motivating millennials.

What a Millennial Workplace Keynote Speaker suggests here is to set a right voice and tone of your communication to millennials. Make sure your words are impactful, emotionally connectable and bear some degree of detailed information. Reason behind the latter is that most millennials value detailed information and are pro at churning information as if separating wheat from chaff.

For a truly impactful communication, you should consider getting in touch with a professional who understands millennials well and can assist you in drafting compelling communications and improving relations with millennials within the organization.

These experts have been guiding organizations across the globe and are aware of the do’s and don’ts and about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to motivating millennials.

Positive Encouragement Can Do Wonders

There is nothing that works better than encouragement. People, especially millennials, value feedback. It goes without saying that they feel more encouraged with positive feedbacks. That doesn’t mean you should swarm them with positive feedbacks even when there are few or none.

What Millennial Speakers suggest here is that you should recreate your feedback in a way that it encourages your millennial employees. Even if it is a negative feedback, you can add little details like a requirement for training. This would encourage your millennial employees for developing new skills or improving existing ones.

As per these experts, a change in approach is all you need. For more details on motivating millennials in your organization you should get in touch with a professional Millennial Motivational Workplace Speaker who, like Jeff Butler, have spent years studying psychology and millennials, including their behavior and what motivates them.

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