How to Make Delicious Custard Powder Desserts at Home

A long time ago, Custard powder was first introduced in the market as a replacement for cream. But people soon realized that this product is more than just a substitute. It has been used since ages as a topping for all kinds of desserts including cake. As a matter of fact, Custard powder was originally made from beating cream of wheat with eggs to form a paste like consistency. The process of making Custard powder is very simple and involves mixing the liquid from eggs with sugar, corn flour, and lemon juice till it forms into a consistency that can be applied as a sauce for cakes or fruits. The process of making Custard powder is not that complicated.

First of all, you need to combine one-quarter cup of eggs with four to five tablespoons of sugar in a bowl. After which, you need to stir in half a teaspoon of vanilla powder into the egg mixture. Then, you should also add a quarter cup of sour cream into the mixture and mix well until completely blended. Finally, you have to add a fourth of a cup of corn starch into the final mixture. By doing this, you will be able to create a creamy custard powder recipe. Custard powder.

Another great thing about making custard is that you can replace the milk or other milk products that are used in making the pudding with eggs instead. What you can do is to simply use three to four egg whites and mix them with three to four tablespoons of water. Then, you can pour the mixture into a bowl and heat it until it reaches a boil. As a result, you can prepare to bake the custard according to the package directions. The following are some of the most famous pudding recipes that incorporate eggs in them:

Apple pie custard this recipe is considered as an all-time favourite because of its unique flavour. In this recipe, you can simply use applesauce as your main ingredient along with corn flour as your second ingredient. What you need to do is to drop in two to three whole eggs into the sauce. Then, you can place in a lid and refrigerate for about thirty minutes. After this, you can put in a piece of straw and remove it after it has come to a boil.

Vanilla Custard Another famous recipe that uses vanilla extract is to make a custard powder. What you need to do is to combine a tablespoon of vanilla extract with enough amount of milk that you can turn out from liquid form. What you have to do next is to slowly add in enough cream so that the vanilla extract will seep into the cream.

Orange juice custard powder this recipe uses orange juice as its main ingredient. What you have to do is to drop in one tablespoon of orange juice into the mixer. Mix it until you can forms a paste like consistency. Once you have blended it well, you can now pour it into a serving bowl. Add in two or three whole eggs and let it cool down.


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