How to Maintain a Rich, Balanced and Healthy Diet for IVF

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Everyone talks about the success rate of IVF and how different factors have an impact on the same. Though no doctor or expert talks about the kind of food that you should take in IVF but studies have shown that if proper diet is maintain, there are high chances that results get improved. Proper diet means to have healthy nutrients which help in conceiving. Once the embryo is transplanted into the uterus, the first two weeks are really crucial. It is because this is the time which decides whether the pregnancy is successful or not. So if you include a few necessary nutrients you can make the most out of this process. 

Diet for women

The women which have gone through the IVF process should include a lot of protein in their diet along with rich carbohydrates that are good for the body. Try having dairy products on a regular basis, zinc; iron and folate are some other nutrients that improve the chances of success. Whole grains too are very healthy and can have a lot of positive impact on the pregnancy. In the recent studies it has been found that herbal medicine is also quite useful for the women. There are a lot of herbal supplements that can be taken. For this you need to consult your specialist like Matrika Medicare where you receive the assistance from the best ivf specialist doctor in delhi. They can guide you regarding the herbal supplements which are healthy and worth taking too. In case of beverages make sure you keep away from caffeine as it is not at all good for the health.

Diet for men

Low sperm count can be a big reason for infertility. So even men can change their diet and make a difference to the IVF process. In case of men too, the diet can play a crucial role and that is why it is necessary to include green vegetables, fruits like kiwi which boost the sperm count. A combination of rich green diet along with the meat, fish, whole grains etc can definitely increases the chances of success during the IVF. Fresh fruits too are good for health but beverages should be avoided. If you are involved in smoking, make sure you avoid the same as smoking is not good for the overall health and can have ill effects on the process. So if a balanced diet is followed, there are high chances that you will be able to see positive outcomes of the treatment.

Apart from this, you can always check with your doctor as what are the foods that will healthy for both of you. As the doctors more about your health history, they can guide you in a better manner and offer the correct assistance you are looking for. So this is how you can go about making a few changes in your diet and lifestyle. This will surely result in positive outcomes that really make a difference to the IVF process. Hope you find the information to be useful.

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