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Let’s have a look at some FACTS first:

  1. Photo Posts get 39% more User Engagement than Regular Posts. (kissmetrics)
  2. Less Content means more User Interaction.
  4. Mark Thursday and Friday as you’re more LIKE DAYS as engagement is 18% higher. ( bog)
  5. Write posts according to your target audience i.e., Aged 25-34.

Facebook is the WORLD’S NO.1 Social Media Platform. It was launched in February 2004 with the mission statement:

“Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

In 2008, it changed its motto to

“Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”

The above graph tells about the Monthly Users on Facebook from 2004-2008. One can clearly deduct the fact that the number of FB users are increased since it started and it is also said that each second a new profile is being created on FB which speaks a lot about its popularity.

Facebook is suitable for Personal as well as Professional use.  For personal use you can use your personal profile with your own e-mail address whereas for professional use you’d better use your business e-mail id for creating your Business account. Then, you can create your very own business page to PROMOTE your BRAND on Facebook.

After you have a well set profile as well as business page with posts relevant to your business you are ready to showcase your BRAND to your customers. For that, you’ll need users to LIKE YOUR PAGE and Engage with its content.

Sounds difficult, right?

But, with the tips below you will be able to achieve your LIKE TARGET faster than your competitors:

  • Write at least2 posts per day to prove your audience that you are ACTIVE.
  • Don’t just focus on marketing your brand but provide useful information to your customers so that do not get irritated with those marketing practices.
  • Always follow the 80-20 Rule, which states:

Occupy your Page with;

                                 80% – General Content
                                 20% – Business-related Content
  • Promote your Page on other Social Platforms as well.
  • You must promote your FB Page on printed materials such as Business Cards, etc.
  • Add relevantFB Groups and share your page and content to these groups to increase user engagement.
  • Make use ofFB Adverts for your Page Promotion.
  • Post according to Right Timings by checking your Page Insights to know when your customers are more active on FB.
  • Tagsome relevant people on your page posts.
  • Post Contestson your page to increase Page Likes.
  • Sharethe Page Posts on your Timeline so that your Friends and Family can like and share it further.
  • Inviteyour Facebook Connections to your Page to get more Likes.

Hope you will find these tips useful and your Facebook Likes will increase gradually by making use of these tips.

Thank you.


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