How to get an Amazon delivery franchise in India

If an individual has an interest and willingness to invest in delivery companies that manage delivery for e-commerce businesses, then Amazon delivery Franchise is the perfect spot for them. A lot of emphasis is being given to comfort today. Everyone prefers to receive the essential commodities at their doorstep, whether it is clothes, household commodities, crockery items, or even food. The more amenity an organization delivers with its services or products, the more prominent it becomes among the public.

And Amazon is one of them; with its excellent reputation among e-commerce sectors from sellers and businesses to e-commerce logistics in India, the brand has marked its territory. Many businesses are keen to get connected with Amazon’s network. Hence Amazon facilitates the Amazon delivery franchise to people interested in joining in with the company.

It is undoubtedly a profitable offer; hence let us learn how to get an Amazon delivery franchise in India: 

How to Get Amazon Delivery Franchise:


  • A Warehouse 

There should be sufficient room to store all the appliances and other substances. There should be an adequate area on the platform enough to put 10 to 20 vans. Hence, from this data, we can consider that an area between 150 to 250 Square feet must be perfect. Also, The locale of the warehouse should be in a marketable region.

Steps to get Amazon Delivery Franchise opportunity in India:

  • Go to the company’s official website and fill the given form with all the needed information; do not provide wrong information.
  • All required personal and official data must be filled in individual forms.
  • Wait for a while; the support team of Amazon India will examine your form; once approved, you will be notified of further proceedings.
  • The next step is attending training to learn essential aspects of the business with Amazon.
  • You will be needed to make an investment of 1.5 lakh rupees in order to get an Amazon delivery franchise in India.

Profit statistics of Amazon delivery franchise India

  • It is estimated that delivery partners with Amazon are able to earn between 50000 to 200000 rupees per month.
  • Amazon delivery partners get a 10% commission on each sale from the Amazon franchise.
  • The average estimated returns amount with the investment on the Amazon delivery franchise is up to 25%. Also, investors tend to get back their investment amount within 6 to 8 months working with the Amazon franchise.

Benefits of Amazon delivery Franchise: 

  • Brand awareness

Amazon offers top-notch services and features such as courier rate calculator, efficient COD shipping services, multiple payment gateways, and many more, which attracts a vast consumer base as they find it convenient to purchase with Amazon.

  • Minimal investment

In comparison to the investment amount and space needed to start with the Amazon delivery franchise in India, the profit it provides is much higher. Especially at the time of various occasions and festivals.

  • Exposure to the global consumer base 

The target buyer base of Amazon courier services extends to a global level because of its robust shipping services in terms of delivery options, fees, packaging, and many more, which allows it to fulfill the requirements of exclusive customers.

Amazon delivery franchise is one of the best partners when it comes to international shipping due to its express delivery alternative. Amazon has spread its offices all over the world to fulfill delivery at the scheduled time effectively. Giving your business an excellent global reach.


Amazon delivery franchise has facilitated 20 to 40 delivery carrier trucks and employs over 100 staff members for your service. Getting an Amazon delivery franchise would be a profitable decision as there’s a low investment involved with high stability and the benefit of working with a  reputed brand. Besides, you get to fulfill the demands of the global consumer base due to amazon’s worldwide network.

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