How to Disable Avast Antivirus on Windows 10?

Avast Antivirus is a well-known software and most people have used it for their computer, laptop, Android or iPhone device, whatever they are using. Because the users believe in Avast Antivirus and are appreciated every time and are totally satisfied with it downloaded. But some users of Avast Antivirus don’t know about to “Disable Avast Antivirus”. The user tries to get the best and easy solution to disable Avast. But sometimes, the user gets the way but sometimes, the user is not able to get the way to disable Avast.

When any person installs Avast Antivirus in their digital device. After downloading Avast Antivirus will remove all malicious threats, malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware and as well other bad dangerous threats automatically. Which may corrupt your computer or saved files. Therefore, it is mandatory to install Avast Antivirus in digital device for protection from threats. If you also want to keep protect your computer, laptop or another digital device for a long. So you can also download or install Avast Antivirus software in your device.

Easy Ways to Disable Avast Antivirus:

If you are the user of Avast Antivirus and you want to disable Avast antivirus for temporarily. So these following steps are only for you which you follow with proper guidance and apply as it. If you will apply with the same guidance, then you will be able to disable Avast antivirus easily:

Method: 1

  1. First of all, you have to navigate yourself at the Windows desktop to the taskbar.
  2. Now, Go to the Avast icon which looks like an orange-yellow color.
  3. That is hidden along with default option in some Windows machines. For finding it that, you can tap the arrow icon which is given at the top. If you are not finding easily.
  4. When you will find the Avast icon, then press on that. After it will show you the series options to choose.
  5. Where you will see the option of Avast shields control, that you have to choose immediately
  6. After it will bring other important options for select display which will show you a drop-down list in different categories.
  7. If you will complete the task which is given above, after choosing the option of disabling by yourself, it will take 1 hour, 10 minutes or might be taken more, at that time your computer will turn off or turn on during the process.

After following above steps we hope you will be able to disable Avast antivirus easily. If you are still unable to complete the task. So you can apply following the other methods which are given below to solve your problem.

Method: 2

If you will choose the option and pick from the list of drop-down after you can disable Avast antivirus if you will be clicked on the arrow icon.

  1. The screen will show you the prompting for making sure it the decision you did choose that is right.
  2. If you will press on Yes, that shielding. If you will press on Yes, that shielding Which from the antiprotection of Avast will be disabled or paused according to selected the option by yourself.
  3. If the process will be completed automatically, it will be effective.

Method: 3

If you want to confirm that you did disable Avast antivirus and its properties of shielding and protecting your computer by providing its services, and have turned them off like you had selected from the option and have also confirmed the decision by the prompts that had confirmed.

If you want to make sure that the Avast did disabled their properties for protecting and shielding your device through its providing services and have switched them off as you had chosen from the given option. If you have also made it sure that decision by the prompts which you had ensured already,

  1. Please open its main window, after you will see the title “All antivirus shields have gone on-off mode”.
  2. For re-enable the service and property, though, you can press Resolve after the message will be changed with– You’re protected.

We hope these steps will be worked for you, after applying it you will be able to disable Avast antivirus for temporarily.

Avast Antivirus Support

If by bad luck, you are not able to disable Avast antivirus of your computer, then you can dial on Avast Antivirus Support Phone Number anytime. Because in the end, this option is the best ever rather than others. If you will try to contact with Avast Antivirus Support team, the technical person will be ready for your help quickly.

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