How to Choose the Best Online Marketing Agency for Your Business

Even highly competent marketing teams often do not have the necessary know-how to implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing agencies fill this gap by supporting the company with SEA / SEO, display advertising, content creation, and social media marketing. You should consider these aspects when choosing and looking for the best online marketing agency.

There are different reasons to hire a digital marketing agency. Some companies want to completely outsource their digital marketing, while others just want to complement their own team. Whatever the reason, the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. That is why it makes sense to work with an internet marketing agency.

Make a requirements list for an online marketing agency

Before you start your search for a digital marketing agency, you should start with yourself. Make a list of requirements regarding the solutions that need to be found. Differentiate between necessary and nice-to-have requirements right from the start. What are the reasons for the must-haves? Also, look for testimonials on the net. You can use these in the agency evaluation to better assess potential candidates.

In these three digital marketing areas, in particular, you should fall back on expert know-how:

  • Social media: Social platforms are constantly updating their feed algorithms, introducing new advertising features, and implementing new formats.
  • Content marketing: The demand for quality content is increasing continuously as users adjust to modern functions and thus raise expectations.
  • Search Engine Optimization: They are unpredictable and have been known to change their ranking rules without explanation.

At its core, digital marketing is about trial and error. By far the greatest advantage of a digital marketing agency is that it has already laid the foundations for an advanced digital strategy that would take you years to do yourself. Online marketing agencies specialize in being up-to-date in the fast-moving digital market. You can usually not afford that to this extent, as you also have to take care of other communication areas in the company.

Check three things when choosing the right marketing agency

Let’s tackle the horse from the back: Your search for the right agency will be easier if you can exclude those who definitely don’t fit from the start. You should definitely take these tips seriously:

  • No track record:

Everyone started at some point – as an entrepreneur, you know that well. Still, the agency must prove itself with successful campaigns to minimize the risk of mistakes and bad decisions.

·         Unattractive Websites and Little Social Media Activities:

Plumbers with ugly websites are fine. Digital advertising agencies? If the agency’s websites aren’t convincing, why should your agency do them? Make sure it looks perfect in style and services should be mentioned properly.

·         Bad communication:

Communication is the key to a successful startup, you should go for a company that communicates politely and professionally. Any agency you are considering should respond to your emails and calls in good time, provide clear project guidelines and value regular meetings with customers – if that is difficult when you first get in touch, then refrain.

8 questions to ask yourself when searching for a digital marketing agency:

During the selection process of the right digital marketing company, you need to interview potential agencies. You can have a physical sitting, a Skype meeting, email conversation, or a phone call communication. Make it easy for yourself by compiling a list of the most important questions:

1.     Which KPIs are measured? 

The measuring KPIs, so metrics are critical to successful digital marketing campaigns. Make sure the candidate agency has a proven system of measuring a flexible set of KPIs. The best way to see this is when asked what your marketing goals are. A good agency will want to learn about your business goals and help you achieve your KPIs.

2.     How big is the experience? 

What is the professional background of the people who will work with you? How long have you been in business? Study the About Us and ask questions if details are not enough for you.

3.     How is reporting handled? 

How often does the agency report on its progress (monthly, quarterly)? What do these reports look like? Ask them to share the samples. How customizable are these reports? You want an agency to report on progress as often as you’d like. The reports that are made available should show the progress of your KPIs and provide actionable recommendations for action based on the data.

4.     What ROI can you expect? 

What is the expected return on investment (ROI) and how long is the time until it is achieved? Ask for projections based on your business goals, but also for case studies. Predictions are good, evidence is better.

5.     Does the agency have a customer portfolio and success stories? 

Can the company show you past successful campaigns? Is there any customer feedback? Is the company ready to give out the names and phone numbers of the references? These all details are an asset for a good online marketing company.

6.     Does the agency outsource tasks? 

If it outsources it, does she have a strong and reliable team of contractors? If an agency does all of its work in-house, it has a reliable team. But that doesn’t mean that agencies that outsource necessarily do substandard work. If so, make sure she works with a constant team of freelancers and contractors who have been successful in the past.

7.     What is your specialization? 

Which areas of digital marketing are the agency’s core business? Some agencies focus on SEO while others specialize in paid advertising, social media marketing, or content. How well is the agency positioned in the individual areas? That’s why you should go with the most experienced and professional company that provides complete digital marketing services.

8.     What are the terms of the contract? 

How long is the contract term? How does the payment work? What is delivered and how? What are the renewal and/or cancellation options?





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