How React native is considered as a “BOON” to your career?

React native is a programming language introduced by Facebook which is used to construct mobile applications with the help of javascript and react.  This programming language is gaining tremendous attention due to its unique features. It is accepted by various developers and business firms like Uber, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. Facebook is the first one initiated by GAAD(Global Accessibility Awareness day 2020) to take the pledge which was introduced by diamond in the previous year. The main motive behind this pledge is to increase efficiency, accessibility, and awareness among people. 

Learning React native has its benefits as companies like Facebook, Microsoft, giving more priority to the candidates who know React native as it enhances the weightage of their curriculum vitae. React native provides higher career opportunities due to stupendous growth in the IT sector. 

With the enormous growth in the IT sector, many freshers and newcomers are curious to know why companies gave preference to React native developers over other developers.

Here you will get the answer to everything you are curious about:

  • Hybrid application 

As react native is considered a hybrid application because its codes are accessible for both android and ios applications. So it’s beneficial for the companies as it reduces the cost of making two applications for two different mobile applications. 

  • Component-based which helps in the reusability of codes 

React Native is a component-based programming language. As the coding under React native is divided into small units which make it easily readable and reusable as you can use any of the particular units in any other projects.

  • It is a substructure of javascript which makes it more efficient and faster 

Coding under React native is based on javascript which is browser friendly and makes it work more faster and efficiently. 

If you want to boost up your skills and wants to open a wide range of career opportunities then here you will get to know about the beneficial aspects of learning react native for web development 

Here it goes 

From the learner’s perspective 

Smaller investment with bigger benefits 

You won’t need a huge amount of money to learn to React native programming languages compared to the other courses available out there. Other programming courses require a large sum of money to learn comparatively is cost-efficient. 

High paying career 

React native require less time to learn and results in high-paying jobs. Now making your own mobile app is in trend these days and attracts various customers. Therefore companies are paying more attention to web development as it results in high revenues in companies and therefore it makes the company pay you higher.

Beneficial for newly established businesses

React native provides a great opportunity for new start-up businesses. If you have proper knowledge of react native apps then probably this is a great option for your firm. You can hire a bunch of web developers to make a company”s website and promote your business and be able to attract clients. 

End words :

 Choosing the right course and programming with practical training is highly important. If you are interested and eager to learn more about React native and give your career a hike then join dzone, designed for students and for professionals. You can matriculate in both online and offline classes for this certified course. To gather more information visit our site


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