How one can set up the Wi-Fi network?

Setting up Wi-Fi is not that much complex task as it takes only a few steps. Some of them have been mentioned as follows:

1.   Finding the best location for the router: the ideal place for the router at home is the central location of the home. One must take care that one must not keep it near the doors, windows and the microwave.

2.   Turning off the modem: one must turn off the modem before providing it with the internet company’s connection.

3.   Connecting the router and the modem: one must use the required cables and connect both the routerlogin and the modem using that cable.

4.   Connecting the laptop and the router: one must use the cable and plug one of its ends in the router and another end in the laptop or the computer. In this way, both will be connected.

5.   One must now power up the computer, router and modem: one must follow the proper order and must turn on the modem first. When all the lights are on then one must on the router and then the computer.

6.   Open the web management page: one must open the web browser and then open the address of the router on it. This information is provided in the manual along with the modem and the router.

7.   Changing the default password and the username: one must change the default password and the username and one must keep the password as much strength as possible so that there are least chances of hacking it.

8.   Adding security: this is an important step. One will find this setting in the wireless section of the administration. One must use encryption and then one must keep the password secure. The more will be the characters the stronger the password will be. One must use the most secure password. One must use the strongest encryption available.

9.   Changing the network name: to make the network easy to recognize one must keep the name which will be remembered by all.

10. Changing the channel: This is the optional step. One must minimize the interference with other channels, and in this way, one will be able to have the best of the network. This will help the people to use the Wi-Fi on all the devices without any kind of interference so that one can avail of the benefits of it.

11. Setting up the adapter of the router with the computer. When all the settings have been saved, one must unplug the cable that is going in the computer from the router. Then one must plug in the card in the laptop in case there is not any feature of the wireless network. In case one is working on the computer then it will automatically connect the things and will help in installing the drivers on the system.

12. Connecting to the new wireless system: this will help in fulfilling the purpose and one will be able to connect to the network using all the devices.

This will help in achieving the goals of setting up a Wi-Fi at home. You can go on to the local address mywifiext for setting up the Wi-Fi.

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