How does walking help in weight loss?

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Exercising regularly may help us stay fit and healthy. A research study has indicated that the risk of developing health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes can be reduced by staying physically active. What exercises may help in weight management? Are you doing the right ones? You may get the answer to these questions by talking to your weight loss coach.

Walking is a simple exercise which isn’t only good for you but is also very easy to incorporate into your daily routine. This article focuses on how walking may help you in weight control.

Walking helps burn the calories-

In a study, it was found that walking a mile burns 100 calories (approx), depending on your weight and sex. Instead of following a sedentary lifestyle that may cause weight gain, try to be more physically active as it may help burn calories.

Walking helps maintain weight loss-

Most often, people who lose weight may end up gaining it back. But a recent study showed that regular exercise is an important component of weight loss and may help you maintain it. Walking for at least 30 minutes per day may help you reach towards your daily activity goals. So, do not ignore this simple exercise, as it may prove as one of the most beneficial weight loss tips for you.

Walking helps burn belly fat-

A research study has suggested that brisk walking is an effective way to reduce belly fat. It is a good idea to regularly participate in moderate-intensity aerobic exercises such as brisk walking or jogging. Find the time from your daily routine and go outside for brisk walking. It may help you lose belly fat.

Walking helps improve mood-

It was found in a research study that regular physical activity helps improve mood, manage stress and depression as well. Walking may not only help improve the mood but also may keep you more motivated to deal with daily challenges. Go out, enjoy some fresh air and experience the health benefits of walking.

Here we are discussing some weight loss tips that may help you increase the amount of walking you do.

  • Try to make a habit of going for a short brisk walk after lunch or dinner.
  • You may ask any of your friends or a family member to go with you for an evening walk.
  • If you have a dog (pet) then go for a walk with him every day.
  • To add little interest to your walks, try to pick new and challenging routes.
  • Try to pick your kids from school or visit the nearby store on foot if they are not too far and can be easily reached via walking.
  • Try to park your vehicle further away from your office and try to cover the rest of distance via the walk, if you are not late.

Role of weight loss supplements-  

Supplementing your diet with the right dietary supplement may also help you shed some pounds. People trying to lose weight may take a weight loss supplement too. Many such products claim to reduce your body weight faster but be careful to choose the supplement that is best for you. You may also want to take advice from a recognised weight loss coach too.

Superfood Weight Loss Accelerator Program is a healthy way to lose weight naturally and users have reported that it has helped them in faster weight loss. It is a professional 90-day weight loss program designed using plant-based whole foods only to provide nutrients that are essential and helpful in weight loss to your body in the purest possible form. This program, which includes a personal weight loss coach, attacks weight loss from four different approaches using four easy-to-consume liquid nutritional formulas packed with essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your system in a balanced and fulfilling way without making you hungry. However, you may want to consult your healthcare provider before starting any diet, dietary supplement, weight loss program or exercise plan.


Do not get involved in your busy schedule too much. Be selfish for your body and schedule your time for walking also, if you are really worried about your body weight.

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