How can you locate the Missing Transaction in QuickBooks?

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If you have actually inadvertently removed a transaction in QuickBooks, you could restore it again. The method for doing this relies on exactly how the transactions were deleted. One of the difficult problems that accounting professional and accountants typically experience is to locate missing or historic transactions.

In this write-up, we will be highlighting several of the major steps that can assist you to locate your missing transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. If you failed to find out the missing transaction files then follow these given steps mentioned below.

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Apply These Steps to Find out Missing Transactions:

  • Check your audit report
  • Find the Company file
  • Find the Condense Information
  • Re-enter your missing transactions


Step 1: Check the Audit Trail

  • At first, you ought to inspect all transactions in Audit Trail Report-A section which shows all transactions entered in company file, including deleted ones also.
  • You can open route report merely opening Reports menu and selecting the Accountant & Taxes, after that Audit Trail.
  • Customize Report button provides an alternative to filter transactions on the basis of Transaction Type, Name, as well as Date etc.
  • Here, you will certainly have the ability to see even the mild modifications which were performed with a specific transaction in addition to previous value.


Step 2: Find the Company File from Multiple data files:

  • When Audit trail report does not permit the users to locate any kind of missing details, you have to locate the exact location file from multiple file collection that is missing out on or altered.
  • By pressing F2 key you can sign in to your company file, this will raise the product information window which shows the details you trying to find.


Step 3: Find Condense Information

  • Condense is a function of QuickBooks which help you to remove official existing details to a cutoff date.
  • It is utilized for lowering the file size of your company file or for various other factors.
  • The technique of removing repetitive or unused data information and also providing space for new data insertion.
  • It puts together the data on your need implies, you could choose the date variety as much as which you require data.


Step 4: Re-enter Missing Transaction

  • Right now as soon as having looked the Audit path, checking for several company files, and checking for a condense having actually been run, if we’re still ineffective to find your missing out on dealings your finest option would certainly be to travel in advance and also re-enter it. Having worn down all the previous steps we’ve done an outstanding task in having the capacity to soundly say that dealings weren’t become part of your company file.


Recovering Deleted Transactions Using Backup Files

Restore the latest back-up file. If the deleted transaction is just one of a few transactions you can recover the most current backup file. To do this, click the QuickBooks “File” menu on and also scroll to the “Open Or Restore Company” button.

Step 1

  • Click the “Restore a Backup Copy” button as well as click “Next.”
  • The software prompts you to respond to the inquiry, “Is the Backup Copy Stored Locally or Online?”
  • If you stored the backup to an external drive or flash drive, select the “Local Backup” switch and
  • Finally Click on Next.


Step 2

  • Firstly, locate the most recent backup copy stored on your computer.
  • The software triggers you to choose the location where it should search for the back-up file.
  • Select this location and also click on “OKAY“.
  • When you see the most current back-up,
  • Just double click on it and afterwards click “OKAY“.


Step 3

  • First of all choose a location or path to save this backup copy.
  • After you locate the backup file, the software asks you to specify where you intend to save the new company file.
  • Select the default location of the exterior drive or flash drive you currently use
  • Now click “OK”.


Step 4

  • Open the file and check for the visibility of the deleted transactions.
  • Re-enter the transactions that were entered between the time that transactions were deleted as well as the time that you restored them.
  • Re-enter all data that was entered complying with the deleted transaction as required.


If still you could not find the missing transaction after that you can seek assistance from QuickBooks Payroll Support service providers by dialing to get a fast solution.

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