Golden Triangle Tour Packages: Talgo Train Likely To Change India Tourism
Written by samedaytoursin

Universally known fact is that TALGO is a popular company of Spain which has done amazing piece of work in International railway arena. It has done tremendous work in U.S.A and Russia in railways already.

India is likely to hardness. This opportunity land early Governments opened its gates to M.N.C and liberalized the policies. The present Prime Minister Modi’s policy of make in India is going to bring wonders to this country. The governments made a contract with TALGO for their services. This is a leap found in the field of bullet train.

Recently the Indian railways launched Gaatiman Express and it is running successfully between Delhi and Agra at a records speed of 160 km per hours. This train is benefitting the tourists who come on  Golden Triangle Tour 4 days and these tourists can easily visit the wonder of India-The Taj Mahal by this luxury train. Recently TALGO managed to bring it is are already in barely district of U.P where under the supervision of Spanish engineers under the make in India program these coaches are going to be assembled and prepared to play on the Indian rails. Of course there are many doubts whether the Indian tracks are of such nature that can easily been the running of these bullet trains still we have same unmanned railway crossing and sometimes animals cross the railway tracks so we need to gear up and prepare the infrastructure likeness

The TALGO has a plan to make there rehearsal for the upcoming train. The first is going to be between barely and Moradabad the second are between Palwal and Mathura and the third are between Delhi and Bombay. One these different tracks they want to taste the possibilities and plan speed like wisely so far TALGO desires to operate this train between Delhi and Bombay at speed of 200 kms per hour. And this can cover the distance of 1400 kms in Really 7 hours which can really give a now impetus to Golden Triangle Tour Packages as many tourist who want to visit India by train can easily cover big distance of Delhi and Mumbai in short time. This can also benefit corporate sector as well.

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