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Vamana therapy Nagpur, is the unique procedure of eliminating the dosha from the body through the oral route by way of inducing vomiting.
Kaphadosha, the third among the three doshas is best eliminated by this procedure.
The forcible expulsion of undigested pitta and kapha through the upper root is known as vamana by definition.
To begin with the client is treated with snehana and svedana procedures, and is followed by the induction of vomiting.
The client is then subjected to samsarjanakrama to complete the procedure.
The whole procedure including the preliminary procedure as well as follow-up procedure is called as Vamana karma.

Elimination of the vitiated dosha from a route that is nearest to the diseased part is the general rule.
Accordingly, if the accumulation of dosha is observed in the upper half of the body, it is best eliminated by the upper i.e. oral route.
To be more precise if the accumulation of dosha is present in the gastrium, it is best eliminated by the vamana karma.
This procedure is said to be more efficacious in clearing the accumulation of kaphadosha.
Best results from vamana karma may be achieved if administered during the spring.
Following list reveals the conditions that may be treated by vamana karma.

Pinasa – Chronic rhinitis
Kushtha – Various skin diseases
Navajvara -Acute fever of duration less than 7 days
Kasa – Cough
Shvasa – Vamana is effective in relieving the symptoms
Of bronchial asthma as well as other disorders
Characterized by breathlessness.

Oral administration of sneha for a stipulated period followed by abhyanga and svedana forms the preparation of the client for vamana karma.
Then the client is subjected to vamana karma.
At the end the client is advised to follow the samsarjanakramafor regaining the original physical strength.
This is the procedure of vamana karma. The same is elaborated in the following paragraphs.

By the error in the prescription of emetics or due to faulty procedure of vamana karma the client may develop certain complications.
Following are the complications that the client may suffer from if meticulous care is not taken during the administration of vamana karma.

Adhmana – Distension of the abdomen.
Parikarta-kantha- Irritation and cutting pain in the throat.
Srava – Excessive salivation
Hridgraha – Precordial discomfort.
Gatragraha – Precordial discomfort.
Jivadana – Appearance of blood in the vomitus
Vibhramsha – Altered state of consciousness.
Sthambha – Rigidity
Upadrava – Specific complications.
Klama -Sense of tiredness.
Among this complication parikarta, jivadana, and vibhramsha are because of the over effect of vamana. Adhmana, parisrava, hridgraha, angagraha and klama are the result of poor effect of the vamana procedure.

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