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Interplay-Sport increases innovative sports performance analysis software systems for national teams and clubs systems in numerous different sports.Later the name changed to Master Coach and had most of the teams in MLS as customers back in 1998 that were testing out the first video analysis systems in the market. Interplay-Sport is one of the well recognized Sports Analytics Companies in the world.  In the year 1994, Interplay-Sports started with the name Super Coach. At Interplay-Sports, we have in all probability the most highly developed video analysis system in the marked with up to four camera connections, halftime assessment and trainer observation all through the game it is possible to have several variable sets for different teams and different needs.

Benefits of the Sports Performance Analysis system:

The Interplay Sports Performance Analysis system is ready for halftime review in the locker room. Stream video and analysis to the locker room at halftime direct from the analysis computer and view situations at a mirror computer and present at big monitor for the team members.Smart Phones can be used during the match and give live information and video to the coaches at the side line. The coaches can also add situations to the analysis during the game.Easy export and import between different Interplay Sports systems or using the net for moving the analysis to other Interplay-computers and Mini Pro systems.Also, it is very easy to edit, add new or delete situations from the analysis. Big display presentation for player meetings where it is easy to change between different camera inputs and matches, multi matches and saved projects in the system.

Besides, video analysis is the first and leading step in improving your Soccer team’s performance. Using our quality Interplay Sports Video Soccer Analysis Software, that can help you lift up your team to new heights. You can tag games live or in even more detail post match.Our Video Analysis software is so powerful and user-friendly it can be adapted to fit any analysis situation. Within our products you can devise your own analysis templates that can include as much or as little information as you need. You decide what you want to see. As it is so easy to use you can tag a match in less than real time.

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