Foodie tourism: Munich Beer Tour

On brewing days, a breath-taking fragrance fills the rooms – and you’re right within the midst of the method of hand-crafted beer production. The master brewers only use the simplest ingredients. Our Beer Calendar provides a complete list of those. Alternatively, you’ll inspect our brewing secret.

Munich is famous for beers, and you will have to try some if you ever find yourself in this city with a Munich Beer Tour. As they say somewhere, the best inspiration comes when you are drunk. You must get drunk to appreciate the beauty of this city. This is a love letter to this city of tragedies and revolutions and many tragic happenings of history. Let’s get rolling.

These are some brews you will never forget about on Munich Beer Tour.

Bockiger Beppo

Unfiltered, original gravity: 16.4%, alcohol content: 6.3%. Our homebrewed charm offensive! Resistance is futile and useless!

This beer may be a declaration of affection to Munich.

Bräuhaus Zwick

It is bottom-fermented yeast and stored for 40 days. Hallertau hops harmonious and sparkling, amber-colored, full-bodied, slight nostalgia of home.

Resi – our golden Oktoberfest beer

It is made original gravity of 14.5%, alcohol content 6.3%. Hallertauer Tradition hops are used. It is brewed using the mash process. It is matured for six weeks, elegantly dry, full-bodied, and wonderfully drinkable.

Home-brewed hear tilled warmth.

“Balthasar” Dark bock

Naturally cloudy, original gravity 16.5 %, alcohol content 7.1%, Top-fermented, robust and malty. The addition of Monroe hops is a popping call at a chic fruity flavor of black currant. The true pleasure for cold winter days. It warms up your heart and provides you with the comfortable feeling of home. This is how winter tastes. Cheers!

“Archibald” Imperial Stout

The mixture of Caraaroma malt and roasted malt creates its rich character and, therefore, the deep black-brown color. Galaxy hops are a popping call at an exotic bittersweet flavor and, thus, the taste of bittersweet chocolate and cacao. Resistance is useless!

“Pauline” Dunkles Weißbier

Enticingly light fruity notes, a call for participation to daydream.  Homebrewed transfer of culture

Susan – ale 

Five weeks of storage within the cellar develops the complete character—our Bavarian answer to Brexit negotiations.

A home-grown springtime treats.

Vroni – the Hop Queen

It enjoys your mind and takes your peppery through the springtime.

Radish charm and charism

Wilma – ale 

Unfiltered, original gravity: 14.8 %, alcohol content: 5.1 % The mixture of Cara Red and Caramünch malt develops an unexpected malty aroma and radiant colors of autumn leaves. The Cascade hops produce aromas of grapefruit, lychee, and red berries.  The Bavarian art of seduction!

Bocker Beppo

Unfiltered, original gravity: 18.5%, alcohol content: 7.6%. Our homebrewed charm offensive! Dedicated and bursting with vigor. Resistance is useless!

A rarity from the Slurs oak barrel

Whiskey Bock

Original gravity: 20.7%, alcohol content: 9.3% matured for six months during a wooden barrel. Powerful body, pleasant sweetness, and subtle whisky aromas, and slightly vanilla. It is pleasantly foaming on the tongue.

Happy Brewing and Touring Munich!

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