Five Signs You Need a Boat Accident Lawyer

Recreational boating activities are popular in Miami. The coastal metropolis offers residents and tourists multiple beautiful waterways to sail over. However, boating accidents are unfortunately common in Miami.

If you are involved in a boat accident, it can be frightening and confusing to proceed to the next steps. You have the right to receive compensation if you suffer from an injury or damages. 

In most cases, you need a Miami boating accident lawyer to legally represent you and ensure that you get the right compensation.

Read on to know the signs you need a boat accident lawyer.  

When the Boat Operator Was Negligent

There were around 679 boating accidents in Florida in 2019. One of the most leading causes is the negligence of the boat operator. They may not follow the boating rules or safety regulations. 

Other reasons include distraction, intoxicated driving, and unsafe speed. These risky behaviors put your life at risk. Hire a boat accident lawyer if you notice or suspect negligence of the boat operator. Your attorney collects substantial evidence and argues your case. 

When the Boat Owner Has No Insurance

Miami boat owners do not require a boat license or boat insurance under Florida laws. If they have insurance, it protects the boat if it suffers any damage. The insurance company takes care of injury claims as well.

It can be challenging to get compensation if the boat owner does not have insurance. Consult a boat accident lawyer to represent your claim and interest. They improve your chances of receiving remuneration. 

When Poor Maintenance of the Boat Leads to the Accident

In Miami, Florida, boats are considered dangerous instrumentalities. The boat owner has to check and confirm the boat’s safety regularly. It is essential to ensure that the boat’s engine, electrical systems, and hull function efficiently. Otherwise, it can lead to accidents.

Additionally, the boat owner has to keep the boat fueled, well-lubricated, and clean. Mechanical issues soon arise if the boat does not go through proper maintenance. Contact a boat accident attorney if you suspect that poor maintenance is the cause of the accident. 

Severe Injury

A few boating injuries, such as minor bruises and bumps, may need temporary medical treatment. However, some injuries are more severe. They need prolonged medical attention and impact your daily life significantly.

The most common severe injuries from boat accidents include injuries to the spine, head, or neck. When the injury affects your ability to perform daily tasks and needs regular medical treatment, you require adequate compensation. A Miami boating accident lawyer presents a solid case to back your injury claim.

Inadequate Insurance Settlement

At times, the insurance company of the boat owner may not offer adequate compensation for your injury. It may not cover all the medical costs and other injury-related expenses.

You have to consider the wages you lose if you are unable to attend work. A boat accident lawyer helps you calculate the compensation you need and wins a beneficial settlement for you.

Boat accidents in Miami may occur because of the boat operator’s negligence or faulty equipment. Consult a boat accident lawyer if you notice any of the above signs. With solid legal representation, you are more likely to receive the compensation you deserve.

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