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Financial procedures related to business and individuals have undergone drastic evolution in the past few decades. In the present times, finance-related processes and aspects like payments, data storage, investments, currency etc have become increasingly technology dependent and traditional financial services have now taken a backseat.

Financial technology- key to business growth

Fintech has become central to modern businesses, banks and governments in order to serve customers and citizens better, and financial management is largely technology driven now. We live in the times of large-scale international trade, and for international and global transactions, fintech companies play the role of an enabler- helping businesses get easy access to funds and develop rapidly with technological solutions for everyday processes.

Finserve Africa- connecting today`s potential with tomorrow`s opportunities

Finserve Africa has pioneered the fintech revolution in Kenya, breaking down financial barriers and building consumer-centric fintech solutions for individuals and organisations. Solving everyday problems through digital capabilities, Finserve is offering cutting edge solutions for needs like financial accounting, APIs, online payment gateway and many more. The solutions like Jenga API, mKey, Jenga Payment Gateway etc are simple, user-friendly and are here to revolutionize the existing financial management systems.

Finserve’s cornerstones – Collaboration, Security, Innovation

Finserve is one of its kind fintech company in Kenya that has launched multiple platforms and services for the benefits of consumers and businesses. With the aid of such solutions, it becomes simpler for businesses to reduce their cost of financial services. Commerce via digital channels is easier than ever, and the forever-busy youngsters never had it better, thanks to the cool apps brought to you by Finserve Company in Kenya.

Finserve Kenya team members collaborate extensively to bring their deep knowledge of finance and technology to come up with the most valuable solutions for you to improve your financial management systems.

With financial services increasingly riding the technology wave, lot of sensitive financial data is out there on your devices and on cloud, and that makes security a major concern in the present times. With Finserve, you may rest assured that the tools, apps, platforms and solutions you access are not only easy to navigate, but also completely secure, because Finserve adheres to PCI DSS Level 1 compliance.

Constant innovation is our mantra and we offer solutions that boost growth for businesses and organisations. We help you create APIs to perform various functions with Jenga API, to accept online payments from your customers via Jenga Payment Gateway, to communicate with ease via mKey, to access Eazzy loans via Equitel, to stay abreast with the latest updates in the world and to ace your social media game too! You can trust Finserve to build simplicity into your business processes and operations when you need it the most. Finserve is here to power up your business and help you achieve the crescendo of success. We make banking services more accessible, flexible convenient and more affordable. Finserve is here to democratize the provision of financial services and is here to help you!


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