Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Westchester After a Boating Accident

Westchester County is New York’s seventh most populated county. For both residents and tourists of Westchester, boating along the Hudson River is one of the favorite activities. Unfortunately, instances of boating accidents are common as well.

If you suffer from an injury during a boating accident, you need legal representation. It is recommended to look for experienced Westchester personal injury lawyers at the earliest. But how will you find the right attorney for your case?

Look for the following factors to find the best personal injury lawyers in Westchester after a boating accident:


New York recorded a total of 31 fatal boating accidents in 2020 which was New York’s highest figure since 2003. 

Boating cases pose unique challenges. You have to look for a personal injury attorney who possesses adequate experience in handling boating accident cases.

You can ask the attorney about the success rate in previous similar cases. Inquire if they could gain proper compensation for the clients. Additionally, your attorney needs to have good trial experience. 

With enough experience, attorneys know about the proceedings of the court. They can also take care of appropriate paperwork for you. Most importantly, they can efficiently work out a strong defense for your case. 


If your lawyer has many cases to take care of, they may be unable to devote a lot of time to you. It is essential to check if the lawyer can designate enough time specifically for your case. 

Some attorneys will provide a timeframe and deadline on which to proceed with your case. You can cross-check and verify if it is appropriate. Additionally, it is recommended to choose an attorney who is not very difficult to contact. While searching for reliable Westchester personal injury lawyers, ask about their availability.

Direct communication with your attorney is crucial. Moreover, inquire if they can respond to your calls and emails. 


Westchester has several boating rental locations. You can easily find resources that can recommend the best personal injury lawyers after a boating accident. A few boat owners may share testimonials of their experience with some attorneys. 

Check if the previous clients had any negative experiences with the attorneys. You can also contact Westchester’s bar association for a list of recommended personal injury attorneys. You may schedule consultations with them and decide the right attorney for your case.


Boating accidents are common in Westchester. You will find many personal injury lawyers who take up boating accident cases. However, it is essential to check if you can receive the services of a personal injury attorney within your budget. 

Some personal injury attorneys work on a contingency pricing basis. You do not have to pay them until the lawyer recovers your compensation. When you receive it, a certain percentage of your compensation goes to the lawyer. 

Negotiate and decide on the percentage well ahead. Ask if the attorney plans to include any additional charges for their services. You can then decide if the price is reasonable and affordable. 

Westchester offers you a memorable boating experience. However, you may be prone to boating accidents. After attending to your medical needs, you have to hire a personal injury attorney immediately. Look for the above factors to select the right attorney for your case.  


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