Features and Information About AOL

AOL offers your computer protection from all problems regarding your E-mails, viruses, identity protection and much more. Here is an AOL Support Number to provide you all solutions in the realm of E-mails data security, system mechanics and so on and so forth. I this write-up, I will be giving you brief about the service that AOL provides.

Free Computer Scanning

AOL is providing free of cost computer checkup. This is to check the slow speed issues regarding your computer system.

Technical Assistance

The AOL Toll-Free Number is available round the clock for any technical assistance that you need regarding AOL products. This number is active for 24*7 and you will be attended by the technical team.

Get Your Stuff Back

If you have accidentally deleted your data or other stuff like files, e-mails, photos etc. Our staff is present to help you recover them. No matter how small or big your files are, you can get it back completely with the help of our service providers.

Our Mail Services

AOL offers free mail service that has fantastic designs, customer support (unlimited), and all the standard mailbox features which you expect from a comprehensive mailing platform.

Our Application

Our App keeps you up to date with everything.  Get speed loading in AOL mail; get all the headlines and news. You can also use this application in your smartphones.

AOL Feature

We also provide you with the protection against Identity theft.

System Mechanic

System mechanics are able to solve more than 30000 problems. It helps to provide the cleaning of all the junk from the computer’s hard drive. This speeds up the performance of your computer.

Computer Checkup

We have the 24 optimization tools, Computer Checkup Cleanups, which helps to speed up the performance of the computer and also notifies which software and applications in your system need updates.

AOL Mobile Friendly Features

The AOL mobile features include all the help and services for your iOs and smartphones. This means all features of AOL can be easily used in your mobile phones. It is a very convenient feature that AOL provides. So no matter where you are, you can use and retrieve data from AOL apps using your phone.

The technical support team of our platform has left no stone unturned to provide the solutions to any problems regarding AOL products. We try to provide all the facility and support to our clients on call. Our professionals are trained to provide an easy way of service to the customers. They will attend you at any time and will remain with you till the problem in your AOL product is not solved.

They have a vast experience so they make a customer comfortable enough that the customer becomes comfortable in explaining the problem in a full-fledged manner. The use of the latest technology like live chat help and video calls have made the scenario more facilitating. Therefore, customers have the option of using the share-screen feature by which they attain better help from our team.

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