FAQs About Hard Money Loans


When it comes time to purchase a large item most people are not able to just pay cash. So they often have to go to a money lender to spread the payments out over time. This makes purchasing homes and cars possible for basically everyone. There are many options when it comes to money loans. Hard money loans are the most popular. But what even are hard money loans. What does it mean to utilize a hard money loan? Are they a good option? There are many questions about hard money loans that come up.

What Is It?

A hard money loan is basically a loan that utilizes something as collateral. They are usually larger loans. They usually have lower interest rates. This is because the payments are spread out over such a long time. For example, a home is a hard money loan. This is because in the case that you should not pay your payments the bank actually has a hard asset that they can take back and attempt to resell to get their money back.

Property Types

When it comes to getting a hard money loan there are quite a few types of collateral that can be used. Property is the most common hard money loan. There are a few different types of property. There is a commercial property. Such as a rental shop or a commercial building. Or there are residential hard money loans. That is perfect for purchasing a home.

There is also a property loan that is perfect for buying land. If you are wanting to purchase land to put a house or business then hard money loans are the way to go.

How do They Calculate Everything?

The biggest question is how much is the payment going to be. For most hard money loans that can vary widely. The main factors involved are your credit score and your income. They want to see that you have a good history of paying loans back as well as a strong ability to pay. If you don’t have an income then you are less likely to be able to pay your loans. To answer your questions about hard money loans, this is how they calculate them.

Hard Money Loans Pros

There are many reasons to use a hard money loan over a housing loan. They are significantly faster. If you need to close in five to ten days they can arrange that. Where classic home loans take thirty to forty-five days. This is because the actual institution is processing the loan rather than having an underwriter involved.

Hard money loans are also a little easier to get. Typical home loans want to see a lot of information and a lot of history. So they take a lot of time and a lot of information and history to get.

Hard Money Loan Cons

Unfortunately, there are reasons that people prefer to take a traditional home loan versus a hard money loan. The biggest reason is interest rates. The interest rates can rapidly become higher based on the few factors involved. So if you don’t have a lot of credit history or have a bad credit history then you will run into high-interest rates.


Hard money loans can be a great option for people looking to purchase a home or business. Most people don’t have the exact cash sitting around to do this. So when they get a hard money loan this gives them an opportunity to enjoy their life an experience the American dream. Hard money loans give this opportunity to everyone.             

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