Enjoy Kids Air Hockey Gainesville In a Budget-Friendly Way

Air hockey is one of the favourite games of many children in different parts of the world. After being developed somewhere between 1962 and 1972, air hockey has become a quite popular game amongst kids. Though it was made for people of all ages, kids have seemed to develop a certain liking to it.

Therefore, air hockey zones are created at different places or venues, for example, adventure theme parks, children’s sports zone, etc. The whole set-up or kit for the game is the same as in the case of players of every age group. But the size of the air hockey table used in games played by kids is small as compared to the size of the air hockey table used in games played by adults.

If you are looking for an indoor playground Gainesville, you should consider visiting the Flip Factory Zone. No, it’s not a playground. But you can consider it one as it has all the qualities that a playground usually has. As you have must have guessed by now, Flip Factory Zone is located in Gainesville, a city in Northern Florida, a region in Florida. It is an adventure theme park that boasts various exciting features.

What is Kids Air Hockey? How to Play It?

Kids air hockey is an indoor sport played by people of all age groups. The format or the concept of this game is much like hockey, hence the name. The word ‘air’ added to the name signifies the role of friction in the sport. The table used for playing this game is made in such a way that it creates a cushion of air to decrease friction.

Thus, the surface of the table becomes frictionless. Generally, two players compete against each other in air hockey, but it can be played in ‘doubles’ as well. The rules of the game are pretty simple. A player is required to push a plastic puck to make it hit into the goal of their opponent. The players have to push the puck by using the tool known as a ‘mallet’. Some people call mallets by the name of ‘strikers’ and ‘discs’ as well (Just as in the game of carrom board).

When a player succeeds in getting a puck into the goal of their opponent, they score a point. Now, not everyone has enough space in their home to keep a kids air hockey table. Some people might not want to spend money for buying it. Along with the initial cost of buying an air hocket kit, additional cost also has to be borne for purchasing pucks as the pucks that come with the kit can go missing over time.

In such a situation, nothing can be better than having a place where your kids can play air hockey whenever they want at a budget-friendly price. Flip Factory Zone is just the place that you are looking for. This theme park has a special zone where kids can play air hockey.

Along with air hockey, your kids can also play other games. Adults and seniors can also carry out various activities at this theme park. Different activities that you can partake in while being at Flip Factory Zone are Dodge ball, Basketball, Rope course, Ninja course, and Trampolines. A toddler zone present at the park allows the parents of toddlers to enjoy without any worry.


Flip Factory Zone has some unique features, such as Aerial Rope Course, Axe Throwing, 2-Story Laser Tag Zone, 4-Story Jungle Gym, and Kids Air Hockey. Along with indulging in the fun and exciting activities at this theme park, you can also relish your tastebuds with fantastic food prepared at the on-premise café.

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