Email Marketing – The inevitable factor in your Business

Emails the resourceful mode of communication in the era of digitalization have been inevitable in our day-to-day lives. To obtain and send out hundreds of emails in a professional day to the online invoice of purchases made and marketing conduct being advertised emails have become part and parcel of everybody’s life. As in the earlier days the mode of passing information and sending data was made by letters and mailing services nowadays they have evolved to be electronic which is much cheaper, reliable and causes less generation of paper waste.

The marketing strategies have evolved to digitize platforms to advertise their products and services with this new era of gadget use. The focus is now turned away from newspaper advertisements and billboards to digitized ones such as email marketing, social media posts, etc. Furthermore, the marketing strategies of various companies have adopted new techniques to cope up with this technology.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be termed as any electronic mail sent by the company or their behalf other than orders, purchased details, and additional corporate functional issues to the customers or the potential customers can be coined under email marketing. Email marketing comes under the terminology of online marketing or digital marketing which employs website advertisements, pop-up messages, social media posts. blogs etc. 

The contents of these Emails can vary from newsletters, advertisements, sales promotions, descriptions of new arrivals, discounts, and offers furthermore anything which promotes the company. In addition in certain instances, it can be considered as a medium to pass information or news regarding the company operations at unpresidential times like as said desperate times desperate measures.

Email marketing can be coined as the key to digital marketing nowadays as it can provide the ability to send out mass messages to various customers and groups of people. On considering the profitability range the email marketing has the ability to provide an infinite number for the investments being made.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing is mainly focused on informing, persuading, and winning the loyalty of potential clients and regular customers. Therefore the marketing emails usually contain set up actions that will direct the customer to the company website from the email directly enabling the option this would increase the traffic on the company websites. In addition, other ways of operating an email marketing campaign are by sending out newsletters and providing the provision to customers to subscribe to the same and keep them well informed on the various aspects of the business. Moreover, the newsletters can be designed to direct the customers straight to the social media websites of the company.

The other operation methodology of email marketing can be specific which allows the companies to send out the marketing information to a specific group of customers. This could be based on area-specific, regional, or based on loyalty levels. In addition, the customer-specific emails detailing the special offers and deals for them regarding their birthday or anniversary would be an effective marketing tool. This kind of personalization in any business can be a handy tool to attract customers.

These methodologies of email marketing cannot be well established based on manual operations. However, automated management can ensure an effective and efficient mode of marketing in the field of Emails. In recent years various automated business management software has been developed among which Enterprise and resource planning software stands out. These operate based on a single platform and the reliability of them is much higher. Odoo ERP is one of the best ERPs available in the market, it’s effective, cost-efficient, and customizable to any needs of the business.

Importance of Email marketing

The accessibility of the internet and the connectivity features are improving these days. The ability to connect to the various parts of the world has been developed into much more advanced stages than the initial ages of the digital revolution. People are connected to each other and information sharing has become outrageous as they are sent and spread over the world in a matter of seconds. Emails have become the most effective modes of information sharing in and around the world, mainly due to the expense factors and the reachability and accessibility factors.

The main importance of email marketing in the present scenario is its adaptability. A company can write and design an email based on various attributes. The description and the attachments of files and images can be customized as per the needs of the user and their business. Secondly, the quick response feature i.e the reachability. The contents reach the receiver in no time as there is no physical quantity being present. In addition, the customers can reply to the respective emails in a matter of seconds.

Thirdly, the expense factor along with the low wastage generation. As all know the email feature comes as free to any user the only investment should be made on the gadgets and the connectivity. A good gadget device and a stable network will be enough to generate marketing emails to various customers. Finally, the major importance of email marketing is that any marketing strategy and plan can be incorporated with an email and emails could be incorporated in various promotional and advertising events of the company.

Email is a great source of information exchange and notification in the present world. If the attribute is put to better use by strategic planning and management it could be an effective tool in marketing and would rule over all other strategies with a minimum expense. Automated company management systems or software could put the emails to effective use for marketing.

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