Electronic Standing Desks – Are they worth the investment?

The highly efficient standing desks have allowed the individuals to work while standing without compromising on the work quality. No doubt, a more active workplace is the one that has an ambiance with more productive individuals. Furthermore, the workplace should have all those accessories that boost the sitting/standing postures and organic movements among the working employees. And definitely, it increases the chance of productivity of the organisation as well.

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We can see all around us, like millions of workplaces are active in driving dynamic productivity with the entirely new and contemporary sit-stand desks. These small modifications have not only transformed the environment but have also encouraged healthy work practices. Regardless of the office landscape, it is vital to have a comfy work area. So ultimately, working in a technology-driven world, most of us spend excess time sedentary at our desks. And that somehow develops the chances of back, shoulder, leg or neck pain. Another factor that comes along is obesity or weight gain, which can also pose serious health issues.

Thankfully, we have a resolution for this! And that’s none other than having a workstation with a stand-up desk. It nimbly offers an innovative way to work while maintaining good well-being. Wondering how these standing desks can revolutionize your workplace? Here’s a brief on it, take a look!

Presently, business organisations are gradually giving much importance to the routine requisites of the working employees, even if it is only about giving them enough comfort. How has that become so significant? This drift towards the “flexible” phase of executing work and relevant operations has been a proven secret behind the increased output levels, enhanced dedication, and boosting cost-effectiveness. Yes, it overall preserves a well-balanced work equilibrium.

Moreover, standing desks have been there for eras, but now they come in a modern form. With innovative technology and work patterns, ergonomics have highly developed and are still developing. It is generally found that an average office going individual spends more than 1500 hours per year, just at the workplace. Even few studies have shown that adjustable height desks are perfect for maintaining well being both physically and psychologically. Therefore, companies have now started to recognize their pros, and have implemented them at their workplaces. Positively, they not only contribute to ergonomics but also boost work efficiency.
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Let’s just get started with the features now!

Sit-stand desks are height adjustable and motorized, and they offer massive adaptability to the users as it allows them to switch between standing and sitting position. They come with electronic controls that will enable you to elevate or lower the height as per your requirements. Mainly, mobility, fit, space allocation, and technology at a workplace are altering the boring backdrops and touch patterns.

But before you buy sit-stand desks for your office, it is very much crucial to consider your office layout. Rest, below, we have mentioned a few of the most common factors that should be determined before choosing one.

  • Adjusting speed
    Definitely, it is essential to the working folks who are quite conscious about their time management. By reducing the time, you can spend it altering the workplace, and surely you will be able to save more time for your job.
  • Space and Functionality
    Comparing the sit-stand desks with the ordinary ones, a stand-up desk is both broader and taller. Hence, it demands more space. So there’s no chance of any flaw, make sure to take measurements beforehand of the area you want to accommodate. This will eventually help you to obtain the best standing desk that has an appropriate height. Further, you need to ensure that the desk is providing enough functionality. If the responses are quite positive, then you can give a thought to the desk.
  • Weight Capacity
    Another factor to check for is the weight capacity as it presides over the number of pieces and bits that you can commonly have on your table. If you find the total capacity a bit abbreviated then, it means that you have no enough space to place overall your fixtures. Well, that doesn’t sound good at all! Plenty of options available online for stand up desks are designed with a purpose to accommodate all your essentials and desktop items. Try Ascendo Ultra Electronic Sit-Stand Back to Back from BFX, the leading office furniture supplier in Australia.
  • Cost and Warranty
    Yes, different options will have different prices, and some of them are highly expensive. But make sure not to rush always for the economy models, and always choose one that goes best according to you and your employee’s daily needs. Also, don’t forget to consider the warranty period, because that is something that will be thankful for years and years. Even if the desk has a high price tag to it, then you need to understand that it comes with a good guarantee. Try buying from a premium supplier like BFX as all of their standing desks and other office furniture categories are tested and approved by AFRDI and SGS.

Hopefully, this article has delivered enough information that can be helpful for you, especially when you are onto buying standing desks for your workplace. Assuredly, premium options will transform the aura of your workplace as well as quarterly business figures.

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