Dr. Hema Pant – Best Dermatologist in Delhi for Acne treatment


Dr. Hema Pant is a certified dermatologist, best known for her exemplary treatment for acne. She is currently practising at Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, which is located in defence colony, Delhi. She specialises in dermatology, and people consider her as Best Skin Specialist in Delhi.

Work Experience and Qualifications

She has been working as a dermatologist for more than a decade now. Her qualifications are MBBS, MD- Dermatology. She has worked as the head advisor for Kaya skin clinic for 10 years and for almost another 8 years as the scientific secretary of Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. With overall 18 years of experience, she knows the best ways to treat skin related problems. Working for almost two decades now she is the best skin specialist in Delhi. With her undeniable knowledge for her field of interest, dermatology, she has had the prerogative to teach students from across the globe and many have benefited from her astounding knowledge.

Sharing knowledge

With her extreme well understanding of the field she includes: acne, botox, fillers, skin tag treatment, non- surgical skin tightening, threads, scar treatment, hair care and hair loss treatment and many more to be named which come under dermatology. Proficiency and experience have made her the best skin specialist in Delhi. She has endeavoured her goal and is shining in the field of dermatology as the best dermatologist in Delhi for acne. She has taught more than 300 students and has had the privilege to share her knowledge and wisdom to those who are still venturing their dreams in the vivid field of dermatology. With her articulate interviews and lectures we can clearly see how fabulous she is in her work and the satisfaction of the patients give justice to her righteous work. She is regularly invited to various workshops and forums to share many things about dermatology.

Treatments provided

Acne is a predominant problem in the youth and Dr. Hema Pant shows an immaculate performance in curing acne and providing an affordable treatment to her patients. Her enthusiasm and interest towards her work has made her efficiently the best dermatologist in Delhi for acne and much more. A very important treatment which is laser hair removal is also done at the clinic and her service is trustworthy to all her patients. Her career has set off only because of the hard-work, sacrifice and also practice. She is an international trainer for botox and fillers and she say that it gives her immense pleasure when she puts her knowledge and implies it in another person’s life which makes their life be filled with more joy and happiness. The treatments provided are safe and the patient’s skin will be given the utmost care. This has been proven true for the past 2 decades.

As a dermatologist

From her patience in learning and becoming the best dermatologist, we can see how much she loves her work to be occupied with it for more than eighteen years and still going! This commitment towards her work has made her reach great heights and help more people with her service.

Dermatology requires patience, thorough understanding of the texture of the skin and also the problems of the patient. Dr. Hema Pant is a gold medallist. With the utmost respect for the field and commitment, she has achieved many things and have helped many patients thorough-out her journey as a dermatologist and is still continuing to do so. This is helped her to establish herself as an experienced dermatologist. She will continue to provide the same treatments to patients who are suffering from skin problems. Just like the past 2 decades she will continue to provide treatments.


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