Digital marketing strategies you just can’t neglect

Digital marketing has today become a singularly important and unchallengeable solution to businesses to enhance their brand image, sell more and land on enough profits. While aiming for stability and growth, businesses need to take advantage of the immense potentials of digital marketing to get more customers and generate more sales. Here are some approaches and strategies in digital marketing you just can’t neglect.

Improve customer engagement

When you divide the number of likes, comments, and shares by the number of followers, you will be able to figure out the rate of customer engagement with your business. Some useful ways to increase customer engagement is to ask questions, organizing polls, sharing different kinds of content, and undertaking some social initiatives.

Questions and answers kind of content

A majority of voice based searches happen in the form of questions. Words like how and what are found to be highly popular among the predominantly used keywords. Google ranks question based content on its snippets. Answering the users’ likely questions in a simple and concise form can attract Google to rank your content.

Local SEO plays a crucial role in SEO results

Local SEO can play a very important role in search results especially on mobile devices either text or voice based. For instance, when you ask Siri while driving where the closest petrol station is, you will know how important local presence is. Ensuring that your store location, contact details and local content and Google My Business Account are up-to-date is very important to make your site rank high on local search results.

Marketing on cross channel

Your brand’s online assets like social media followers, website, email data base and others can speak for you. A systematically planned and executed Google Ad can help bring more customers to your website. Social media ads can help convert visits into sales. Creating a holistic marketing ecosystem that can offer discounts and customized offers can help bring in repeat visits and increase the sales.

Investing in the power of AI

The applications of AI are fast expanding. Users are now open to improving technologies. Chatbots are adopted increasingly and estimates show they will show up a 100% increase in their extent of use across different applications online. AI is found to significantly increase the user experience and make life easier for people which has led to the democratization of AI for all.

Getting the assistance of a reliable digital marketing strategist Calgary can let you take advantage of the available opportunities in the arena of digital marketing for your business growth and more profitability. 

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