Contactless Check-in is the Future of Hotel Industry

Many hotels have found it difficult to keep their doors open as a result of the aftermath from COVID-19 and the worldwide suspension of tourism. With many employees being furloughed or laid off, hoteliers have had to adapt and figure out how to accomplish more with less.

Fortunately, hoteliers have access to a popular source of technology — mobile devices.

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Hotels were already seeking at ways to better engage with their increasingly mobile visitors before COVID-19. Mobile check-in was becoming a popular option to provide customers with a more modern and convenient experience. However, with the advent of the pandemic, a trend that had been steadily creeping into the hospitality business was abruptly thrust to the front and centre. Touchless check-in capabilities moved from a nice to have to a must-have for hotels all around the world almost overnight.

Hoteliers understand that the cleanliness of their property and the overall well-being of their visitors are of the utmost importance. And, in order to deliver a really safe experience, they must ensure that they have the necessary technologies to enable social separation.

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Now that hotels are reopening, it is critical to get it properly. Elevating the visitor experience with touchless technology will not only offer a more seamless encounter, but will also provide guests with peace of mind that their health is being cared for.

Guests can use their own mobile devices to check in and make payments prior to their stay. This is especially essential because touchless payments will be favored over chip card readers and other physical contact techniques.

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Implementing touchless check-in will make hotel visitors feel safer in the now and in the future. Guests will no longer want to wait in lines in the future, and many people will prefer to restrict their face-to-face interaction. Mobile check-in provides them with better comfort, whether for safety and well-being reasons, or simply for the convenience of skipping the line and going directly to their hotel.

Guests may begin to anticipate mobile check-in alternatives for hospitality and travel, and failing to provide the option may affect a hotel’s reputation and result in guest loss if they choose to stay someplace else instead. While mobile check-in began as a way to decrease administrative responsibilities, improve workflows, and provide a better and more convenient customer experience, these are now only side effects of something far larger.

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Limiting the interchange of papers, paper forms, credit cards, and physical touch is vital now and will remain so in the future. Contactless check-in will aid in the safe and successful reopening of hotels.


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