Choose the Best Timeshare Lawyer for Cancelling a Timeshare Contract

A lot of people believe that they can never cancel a timeshare contract, but that misconception will change when you talk to the right lawyer. Cancelling your timeshare contract might be necessary if you believe you are being scammed or you simply cannot commit to paying for the fees anymore. Some consumers might find themselves seeking for a timeshare lawyer to get out of a timeshare contract that comes with blackout dates, hidden fees, and unfavorable holidays and resorts. If you need one, here are some tips for choosing the best lawyer:

• Weigh your options – When cancelling your timeshare contract, you need to understand what cancelling really means. To cancel means you are ending the agreement by breaching the contract by breach, which, in layman terms, pertains to your awareness that there will still be outstanding balances to be paid. A timeshare lawyer may recommend another option known as ‘termination’ to help you get out of the timeshare contract instead. It means ending a contract because of reasons besides breach of contract, like a faulty company and the resort has stopped accepting reservations. Through termination, you do not have to worry about outstanding fees.

• Take note of the cooling off period – If you have just recently purchased your timeshare, there should still be a cooling off period—which is 10 days in Florida. Cancelling the timeshare contract within this period means the provider will give you a full refund within 20 days or in five days after the receipt of the funds have been cleared from the check.

In case the cooling off period is over when you have decided to get out of the timeshare contract, cancelling is still possible, but you will need a timeshare lawyer to help you terminate it.

• Verify the lawyer’s credentials and qualifications – Find out how long the lawyer has been helping consumers cancel and get out of their timeshare contracts in the state or city where yours is valid. Consider a timeshare lawyer who is highly recommended by their clients.

• Use a platform that can connect you with qualified timeshare lawyers – There are reputable advisors and educational platforms that can give you an advice and connect you with reputable timeshare attorneys. Use their service to make informed decisions about cancelling a timeshare contract with a capable lawyer.

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