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You can find cheap health insurance by comparing. View the premium and request a free online quote. You can also select a number of health insurance policies and compare them on coverage and premium.

Cheap health insurance

On you will find cheap health insurance by comparing all health insurance policies on premium and coverage. By using our free switching service, we will cancel your old health insurance policy for you.


The independent
Healthcare comparator by comparing you will find the cheap healthcare insurance for your situation. This can save you up to hundreds of dollars a year. In our care comparator, you fill in your personal wishes and needs. The health insurance policies that best suit you are then shown. Cheap health insurance is always at the top. There is no single health insurance policy because everyone has different preferences when it comes to health insurance. You can therefore compare every health insurance policy to find the best and cheap health insurance policy for you. You can then immediately switch online and we will cancel the old health insurance policy for you.

When choosing a cheap health insurance policy, make sure that the coverage meets your requirements. If you need care, it is nice if you can receive compensation for it. If you think you don’t need extra care and you use little or no care, you can take the risk of choosing cheap health insurance. At we not only help you find cheap healthcare insurance 2021 but especially in finding the best healthcare insurance for your situation.


Budget policy, the cheap health insurance
when you opt for a budget policy, you pay the lowest premium. A budget policy is a basic insurance policy with limited freedom of choice in care. With a budget policy, you can only go to the care providers with which your health insurer has a contract. As a result, the premiums of budget policies are lower.


Voluntary increase of the deductible
it is possible to increase the deductible. This reduces the health insurance premium. You can opt for a voluntary deductible of a maximum of €500 per year. This will give you a discount on your healthcare premium. The voluntary deductible is added to the amount of the compulsory deductible.


Discount via
at you can make use of collective discounts on your health insurance. Before 2021 you can receive a discount of up to 20% at The health insurance that you take out with a discount remains valid throughout the year. Your monthly premium cannot, therefore, change in that year.

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