Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Culinary Treat

Discover the emotional cuisine.

The special day of conveying love to your partner is Valentine’s Day. Lovebirds allover the universe celebrate the special days, they convey their love for their partners and express them how special they are.
Some flavors are never forgotten by couples in love. A dish shared on the honeymoon, the wedding cake, the first meal prepared in the new house, all these awaken an important emotional memory .

Much more than the momentary taste of food, some foods can provide a reminder of unique events that were in the past, of loved ones and the affection that was brought to us while we were having a certain meal.

A more practical and rational explanation of the concept of affective memory is: all sensory perception that brings back good memories and emotions. Do you know when the memory of that special recipe present in snacks at grandma’s house comes to mind? Or the sensations of a festive family lunch or a romantic dinner that was very special? Well then, this is emotional memory.

The importance of emotional memory in love stories

Many love stories were and are marked by special flavors. It is common for couples to have a favorite restaurant and remember the dishes they shared at the beginning of their relationship.

These memories are powerful and have the ability to further strengthen affective relationships. Therefore, a special tip to rekindle passion and bring to light emotions and sensations that lead to happy memories is to make a Valentine’s Day dinner with foods that stimulate emotional memory.

How about preparing the meal remembering all the excitement and mystery of your first romantic date? Or, who knows, with the rereading of a dish tasted during the couple’s international trip?

Have a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day!

Sharing a special meal with someone is an act of love, especially if that meal reminds us of a special date, such as a first date, a wedding anniversary or an engagement party. In these cases, the emotion of the encounter is further intensified by the shared food.

For Valentine’s Day, it is possible to order the complete meal with many restaurants and receive dinner in the comfort of home. Orders must be booked in advance. Use the valentine day discount offers given by the Restaurants. Enjoy the day with a great Culinary Treat. Take advantage of this special date to please your loved one with food prepared with great care. Valentine’s day menu will certainly awaken unique emotions, marking the couple’s memory forever.

You can also take a One day special culinary course offered by a near by Culinary Institute and give a treat to your loved one. Always a meal made with love, rescue and intensify the couple’s feelings and memories.
Happy Hour

Serve the following foods during the Happy hour: Dried fruits, chocolate-dipped strawberries, mini heart chocolates, sparkling wine, charcuterie trio, cheese trio, grapes, strawberries, figs, chestnut salted caramel, pepper jelly, Italian baguette, croissant, brioche and fruit or olive bread .

Menu options for a Valentine Day Dinner
Menu 1
Camembert bundle with chestnut caramel;
Grilled white fish with dill and mild pink lemon sauce;
Rice with almonds, sparkling wine;
Asparagus in basil oil;
Chocolate Passion (Belgian chocolate mousse with passion fruit on a bed of pistachio crumble).

Menu 2
Cream of palm heart with basil oil croutons au gratin with gruyere cheese;
Mignon with cognac and black grape sauce;
Lemon risotto, asparagus in basil oil and sweet potato chips;
Strawberry trifle with meringue and chocolate chips.

Menu 3
Figs roasted in rosemary honey and cream cheese;
Duck with orange;
Rice with almonds, sparkling wine;
Stir-fried peas;
Sweet Potato Chips;
Millenium chocolate with orange zest.

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