Call Recording and Its Benefits in Support Centers

Support centers usually use two major solutions as listed below:

  1. Call center solution and
  2. IT help desk ticketing system

Both of these solutions have some amazing features to offer and call recording is one of them. This feature is available in a call center solution used in the support centers. In this article, I will share more details about this feature and how it benefits support centers in the omni-directional.

Call recording

It is one of the features available in a call center solution. It is a common feature and you can find it in all contact center solutions. The major function of this feature is to record all calls and make its recording available for review.

Usually, the options available in this feature of a call center solution are listed below:

  • Record all calls
  • Disable recording of all calls
  • Download a call recording file
  • Download all call recording files
  • Play a call recording file

This feature is also known as a voice logger. An advanced call center solution also offers advanced functionality to spot the call recording files in which a specific word is used.

Major benefits of call recording feature in the support centers:

There are multiple advantages of this call center solution feature in a support center. Let me share the top 3 of them.

Resolve a dispute with a customer

In a support center, disputes are common. Often, customers misunderstand things or agents make false promises. This can defame a business brand and therefore, being more accurate in support is necessary. The voice logging can make sure in case, if any dispute occurs, there is always an automatic call recording file to refer to. It can be used to refer to the original conversation and resolve the dispute professionally.

Maintain good quality of the call

As per the legislation in almost all countries, it is necessary to inform customers that the call will be recorded. One of the major reasons to record a call is quality and better training. While a customer is informed about this, the support agents also consciously make a note that the call is going to be recorded. It means the agent will focus on being more professional and polite during the call as it can be reviewed later and becomes the reason for the appraisal or suspension. A call center solution offers multiple features to enhance the quality of the calls and quality of service and voice logging is one of them.


As mentioned in the second point, the reason behind recording calls in a support center is quality assurance and training. The call recording can be used as a reference for training. There can be some really complex support requests or some really furious customers. In this case, tackling the situation without losing calm is necessary. Some agents have this art of pacifying angry clients and handling complicated cases with ease. This type of call can be used in training. The call center solution has many features to enhance training and call recording is one of them. Agents can listen to the call recording files and learn from the real cases.

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