Best ATV Accessories for Avid Riders

All-terrain vehicles are probably one of the coolest vehicles ever invented. Whether you choose to ride it on-road or off-road, ATVs offer so much excitement to any rider. 

Over the years, the market has gotten bigger and there are countless accessories available to protect the rider and modify it to make it an even capable and comfortable 4wheeler.

In this article, we divide the list of ATV accessories into four sections: Protective Gears, ATV Comfort, Storage, and Hauling and All-terrain Essentials.

Protective Gears

It is very important for every ATV rider to wear accessories that will protect them while riding on any terrain. 

ATV Helmets – Helmets are probably the most important gear that the rider has to wear while riding. Whether you are riding slow or fast, helmets can protect the head in case of an ATV crash. 

Goggles – When the rider goes off-roading, it is not impossible to encounter harmful road debris. It might get into the eyes of a rider, causing their vision to be compromised. Some riders drive at a very fast speed, causing the eyes to dry. Wearing goggles while riding is very important to protect the eyes. 

Riding Gloves – Gripping the handlebars for a long time might cause the hands to blister. Wearing high-quality ATV gloves can protect the hands from chafing. You can use it to safely put aside sticks, stones, and grab a winch cable in case of an emergency. It can also keep your hands warm when it is cold.

Face Mask – You’ll for sure encounter a lot of dust while riding. Wear a face mask to prevent debris from getting inside your mouth and nose. It can also prevent the face from getting wind burns while riding at a very high speed and keep it warm during the cold weather. The face mask should be made of breathable and water-repellent fabric so that you’ll be comfortable while wearing it.

ATV Comfort

Riding an ATV may be fun but it can also be unforgiving without equipping your quad with proper accessories that can make your ride safe and comfortable.

  • ATV seat covers – ATV seats aren’t as comfortable as car seats, it can really hurt your bottom if the seats aren’t padded. Imagine going over bumpy roads, it can really put a strain on your butt. Invest in padded ATV seat protectors. Some are made of adjustable, UV-resistant, water-repellent materials that are machine washable.  
  • Heated grips – Sometimes, riding gloves isn’t enough to keep your hands warm. Some riders prefer riding during winter. Install heated grips on the ATV handlebars and you can easily get your hands warm at a flick of a switch. 
  • Thumb assist – Avoid hand fatigue by installing a thumb assist. Riding long hours and controlling the throttle without one can give you a sore thumb. This accessory can easily be installed over the existing throttle control.

ATV Storage and Hauling

Storage is a problem when it comes to all-terrain vehicles. Luckily, storage accessories are easily available and can be installed on the ATV without any complications. You can make an ATV an even more useful vehicle by increasing its hauling capability with hauling accessories. 

  • Cargo carriers – Maximize the space of your 4wheeler by installing a cargo rack. You can easily install it on your hitch receiver or your ATV’s stock front or rear rack. 
  • Saddlebags – Add extra storage space to your ATVs by making use of saddlebags. Some bags have secure pockets inside them to store loose items and essential stuff like extra clothing, food, and drinks. Most bags are made of weather-resistant and water-repellent materials that are dust, mud, and waterproof.
  • Cargo nets – Secure and strap down your stuff with cargo nets. Keep your things in place by draping them over your cargo.
  • ATV Trailer Hitch – Make your ATV an ultimate hauling machine by installing a trailer hitch. Determine the load restrictions on your ATV to select the best hitch for your quad. 

All-terrain Essentials

ATVs are tough machines that are made to go on adventures. It’s a capable off-roading vehicle even in the most challenging terrains. You can even use it as a plow for snow. Make it a versatile vehicle with ATV accessories. 

  • ATV Tires – Invest in high-quality off-roading ATV tires. There are different types of ATV tires but in case you’ll be mudding, all-terrain and mud tires are the best for your 4wheeler. They have deep tread patterns that offer excellent traction on muddy trails. Other types of tires include all-purpose, sand, racing, and motocross ATV tires. 
  • Winch – It’s normal to get stuck in deep mud when you’re off-roading, in case your ATV is stuck in one or you need to rescue a friend, having an ATV winch is really important. You can easily strap it around a tree and pull your way out of the mud. Winches are very easy to install. You can place it in front of your bumper or behind a push bar.
  • Tow straps – If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to winches, tow straps is the one that you need. Attach it to your ATV to tow a friend’s quad, or get your ATV hauled out of the mud. 
  • LED light bars – Some people love to explore with their ATVs at night. Sometimes, regular ATV headlights aren’t enough to light up the road. With LED lights you can see even the darkest and farthest sections of the trail. 
  • ATV Plow – ATVs are not only for off-roading and hauling, you can use them as a snowplow. Just make sure that your ATV meets the specific power requirement before attaching an ATV plow

There are still other ATV accessories that I have not included in my list. Make sure to do your research before deciding to buy any accessories for your quad. Have a fun and safe trail ride!

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