Bahrain Best Bites

Written by Rajesh Sharma


Tea is the espresso of Bahrain. It is an every day staple. You will discover it in floor covering shops, ranchers markets, kitchen organizers; all over the place. While the exemplary tea you will discover made at home in Bahrain is dark tea with darker sugar and tea drain (it is excessively pass on for), a fancier form would be “Karak chai tea”. This smooth tea is an ideal mix of flavors and chai, giving it a comfortable warmth. Best imparted to companions and friends and family, you can locate some awesome Karak tea at Roche Cafe situated in Adliya. Another extraordinary choice while going out is Masala chai tea. This tea is to a great degree rich and velvety, with a kick. It is awesome early in the day as an espresso substitution, as the caffeine content is high. I prescribe going to “Passion’s” for a serene, nearby climate and some extraordinary Masala Chai tea. Hope to see some impeccable tea kettles and offer some awesome discussions with companions over tea while in Bahrain.

I suggest Passion’s eatery situated down Shawarma rear way in Adliya, Manama. In the event that you stroll down street 3816 you will pass Mino’s and an open patio territory and should see a sign for Passions.

Or on the other hand Roche Café situated in Adliya, Manama off of road 2623.

Egg Pizza:

Culminate imparted to a few companions, Egg Pizza is a yummy curve on a consistent egg dish. Layered with red sauce, egg, and cheddar, it has a pleasant kick and melts in your mouth. The best egg pizza is at Roche Cafe, a nearby joint in Adliya. They likewise serve extraordinary Bahraini breakfast dishes, including an astonishing Karak tea.

Roche Café is situated in Adliya Manama off of road 2623. It is somewhat precarious to discover, yet google maps can encourage get you to road 2623 and after that you will have arrived.

Shawarma and Fresh Juices:

Bahrain has a flourishing road sustenance scene. Nearby, occupied, and simple on the wallet, a visit to Shawarma Alley is an absolute necessity for first clocks in Bahrain. What’s more, believe me you will rapidly turn into a customary. Ideal for lunch, supper or only an evening nibble, the first chicken shawarma gloats chicken, an extraordinary sauce, destroyed cabbage and French fries all wrapped in great Indian Chapatti bread or tortilla. In the event that tea is the espresso of Bahrain, at that point Shawarma is the burger. You can also get various discounts and offers on your food offers at Freshmenu coupons.

Costing generally between 400 – 600 fils, shawarma is combined impeccably with a new squeeze. The menu of juice decisions is broad and it is all new;

I suggest running with the somewhat more costly “hot juice”. A delightful mix of natural products, including pomegranate and strawberry, it is the ideal sidekick to a shawarma lunch. Try not to be bamboozled by the modest or summary appearances of these gap in the divider smaller than expected eateries; the experience is valid and the sustenance astounding

Go to Osama canister Zaid Avenue in Adliya, affectionately known as “Shawarma Alley” for some incredible nourishment.

Hummus and Pita Bread:

Say farewell to exhausting locally acquired hummus once you attempt some obvious, genuine article hummus. Best eaten with warm pita bread, legitimate hummus is good to the point that essentially dissolves in your mouth. For an unwinding air attempt the hummus at “Interests”. It additionally makes the ideal nibble for late night discussions and some astounding hummus can be found at the nearby “Lulu’s hypermarket”. While you’re there get some crisp olives or Indian curry to oblige it. You will love it.

Make a beeline for Passion’s eatery situated down street 3816 or to the closest “Lulu’s Hypermarket” for some incredible hummus. There is a Lulu’s situated in the Juffair Mall on street 2408. In the event that there is a service station nearby you are in the perfect place.


The Mulberry tree develops well in Bahrain and adequate measures of the berries can be purchased from roadside merchants and the Bahrain Farmers Market. These berries make for an incredible, sweet and sound treat. Harsh if not completely matured, make certain to search for the darkest berries when purchasing. Continuously purchase more than you might suspect you will require, as they will vanish rapidly. I prescribe stocking up on Mulberries at the Bahrain Farmers Market in Budiya. Appreciate a fun, ethnic climate while stocking up on some awesome deliver and berries.

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