At Home Bachelorette Party Ideas

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What makes a great bachelorette party? Some girls say it is going out to bars, flirting with guys, and drinking shots all night long. Other girls, especially slightly older brides, find that they aren’t looking for a situation that will only make them feel uncomfortable.

If you are planning a bachelorette party for a more reserved friend, or a girl who doesn’t drink, how do you still make sure she has a bachelorette party? Are there rules for planning a bachelorette party?

First, there are no set rules for bachelorette party planning. There are, however, several key elements that make a bachelorette party a success. The first step is to determine the expectations of the bride. Does she want to stay in? Does she want to invite twenty girls, or only six? Does she have a restaurant she wants to visit, a concert she’d like to go to, or would she prefer an at home gathering?

Knowing the wishes of the bride is a key step to begin your planning. If you have determined that the bride wants a less wild, simpler bachelorette party, you have many options to make sure it is still memorable. First, be sure to include the right guests – girls that the bride feels closest to. Next, think about a theme for your party. Does the bachelorette love chocolate? Maybe you can have a chocolate party with chocolate fountains and goodies, and gift bags for all the guests that are a rich, brown color, filled with chocolate gifts.

Or, try a theme centered on the groom, such as a “girly” football party for a girl who is marrying a huge football fan. This party can include all the guests wearing football gear like jerseys and the food being a tailgate style. You could also source cheap bride and bridesmaid shirts in your theme color. No matter what theme you choose, make sure that it fits the bride, and your bachelorette party will be more successful.

Another key to an at-home party is making sure there are no men allowed! Send your boyfriend or husband out for the night to make sure you have the house to yourself. Or, ideally, plan the bachelorette party for the same night as the bachelor party when the guys are busy themselves. Next, plan great food. A bachelorette party should feel indulgent, so make sure you are providing good snacks, or to keep costs down, make it a potluck party. Have each girl bring a favorite dish and you can all get together, snack, and play bachelorette party games!

Finally, remember to focus entirely on the bride. Have the girls each share a special story about a funny moment with the bride, or to write down their favorite memory of her. Then, take turns reading the memories and have the bride guess who wrote what. It is a good bonding experience and reminds everyone why they love the bride and lets guests who don’t know each other well get to know each other better before the wedding.

Whatever you do for your bachelorette party, remember that the key to a great party is the love you put into it and the friends you have gathered.


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