Anthony Barraco brings a new hope ALS disease

Written by anthonybarraco

Do you know Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also termed as ALS is a classic motor neuron disease? Motor neuron diseases are advanced chronic diseases that are life threating in nature. In this, the disease causes dis-functioning of nerves that come from the spinal cord accountable for bringing electrical stimulation to the muscles. The stimulation of nerves is necessary for the movement of body parts. If you want to know more about ALS manifests then you are at right place.

A person who is equally working and supporting this disease is Anthony Barraco. He is using different ways to help the needy patients. Anthony Barraco lives in Sarasota, Florida, and to support ASL association he has recently donated $50.000 to ALS organization in the honor of his father. His father was also suffering from the same disease so he very well understands the pain of the patient and family members who are suffering from this disease. ASL is known as ‘amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease and sometimes referred as Lou Gehrig’s disease’. This association is still finding the cure for this disease.

Anthony Barraco also has mentioned that ASL organization has learned a lot about ALS cure and will accomplish their search soon.’ He further added that, ‘Because of contributions and tissue givers, people like my father can with any luck benefit from this hard work of researchers and get treatment.’ ALS is advanced and deadly. The disease normally causes the death of patients as the motor neuron of the patient is damaged.

Anthony Barraco is also motivating other people to donate funds and tissues so that more and more people can be treated. The organization is continuously working on ASL for last 33 years. Now the question here arises why he is doing so much for this disease?

Let me elaborate you an incident, ALS association linked with this disease was formed in 1985 and it completely national non-profit group and this has been ongoing doing research since 1985, but unfortunately couldn’t find ALS disease treatment, so in 2017, they were near to discontinue their investigation about this illness, though, Anthony came up with a huge $50,000 donation to ALS organization that helped it in order to carry on the research. He did this since his father is even suffering from the same disease and 2017 was a tough as well as the challenging year for his complete family but he expects the researchers will soon find the cure and he will keep giving money to support ALS association.

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