Almonds, Cashews and Brazil Nuts – Why These Nuts are So Good For You

Almonds are a widely cultivated and edible seed of a tree that is native to Iran. Though the seeds are cultivated widely in other places. The fruit of almond has a hull like cover outside and a hard shell below that and a seed inside. The seed is edible therefore its not a true nut, in botanical terms it is called a drupe.
Almonds are consumed raw or toasted in breakfast. Sometimes it is used as an ingredient for culinary purposes, mainly sweet dish. From almond, products like almonds milk, almond flour, almond oils and almond syrup are produced.
Almonds are available in almost every retail stores in our country. These dry fruits can also be availed online in case of inaccessibility to shops. Almond wholesalers in Delhi NCR provide a number of purchase options. Few of them also provide fast and doorstep services.

The cashew tree is an evergreen tree grown in the tropical region. This tree produces a cashew apple, which is a pseudo fruit and cashew seed. The cashew seed is commonly known as the cashew nut. Cashew nuts are consumed as it is and used in cooking as well. It is also consumed with different seasonings as well.
Cashew nut is a very common kitchen item for ages. Cashew nut retailers in Delhi is found in almost every lanes and corners.

Brazil Nuts
The Brazil nut belongs to the family of Lecythidaceae, grown in the Amazon rainforest of South America. It bears an edible seed which is named after the tree itself. Brazil nuts are rich in several micronutrients especially selenium. Brazil nut oil is very commonly used as lubricants.
These nuts are supplied in a limited quantity. Therefore they are very expensive. Though these nuts are mainly found in South America, the digitalization in shopping platform has made easy access to everything. There are plenty of Brazil nut dealers in India who help to reach these nuts to the customers.

Health Facts of These Assorted Nuts
Almonds: These nuts contain a large amount of healthy monounsaturated fats. It also is very rich in proteins, fibres, vitamin E and various other important nutrients like magnesium. Almonds are also a source of antioxidants. The magnesium in almonds is a cure for type II diabetes, controls blood pressure and helps to improve metabolic syndrome. This nut is a great help for reducing bad cholesterol and therefore lowering heart disease risks.
Cashew: The unsaturated fatty acids of cashew nuts helps lowering triglycerides and blood cholesterol levels following a reduction of chances of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. Cashew contains magnesium which reacts to the metabolism of the body. Gallstones in women might be prevented if more than 5oz cashew is consumed in a week. Cashew is also rich in copper, which helps in bone strengthening especially for kids and adults with the bone disorder.
• Brazil Nut: These nuts are packed with goodies. Mention worthy among them is selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper and healthy fats. So these nuts produce an enormous amount of energy. Selenium helps in the growth of immunity. It is also good for the thyroid gland and the production of thyroid hormones. Brazil nut is also responsible for the accelerated growth of cells.
This nutritional powerhouse lends good support for heart health, ellagic acids provide protection to the brain and results in improvement of mood and mental performance.
Brazil nuts should not be consumed in large quantities, it may lead to fatal results. Any food items should be taken following a proper diet. For excessive consumption might not have a positive significance.

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