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It is often challenging for organisations to find skilled workers in today’s world without a job posting or recruitment campaign. Companies are turning to videos to advertise job openings and attract interested people. With the rise of technology and the internet, videos have become more accessible. Video applications are becoming readily available to the public and netizens, so more businesses and organisations use videos as a recruitment tool.

An interview is considered an integral part of the hiring process in the modern workplace. Video interviews have become one of the most common ways employers and employees communicate online. From job candidates, who may have limited time or access to participate in an interview in person to managers who need more information before making a final decision on a potential employee, a Recruitment video allows people to convey the information concisely.

What Can Recruitment Videos Do for Companies?

It can help to attract new candidates, as well as keep current employees happy and motivated.

A Recruitment video also allows companies to assess candidates in a more relaxed environment, leading to a better decision about who to hire. It is easy to form a good impression on a face-to-face interview, but a video can be more convincing.

Video recruitment allows companies to demonstrate their capabilities to potential candidates. 

Growing Trends in Recruitment Video Composition:

  • Variety: Videos should be varied in content and style to appeal to a wide range of potential candidates.
  • Engagement: Videos that engage viewers and make them want to learn more will outperform those that provide information.
  • Interaction: Use video content to ask questions or solicit feedback from viewers to create a more personal connection with them.

Visuals vs. Texts

Visuals are powerful tools for recruitment. They can help inspire and engage potential candidates quickly and easily. They can make the job easier by providing a visual overview of the company or position.

Text-based recruitment methods are still popular, and they’re not going anywhere soon. They’re great for reaching a broad audience quickly and easily, and they can be highly effective when used correctly.

Tips on What Videos to Avoid

If you are looking to land a recruit, it is essential to avoid videos that could be considered inappropriate or offensive. For example, if you are targeting a job in the entertainment industry, avoid videos featuring explicit or lewd content. Similarly, if you are targeting a job in the tech industry, avoid videos featuring hackers or people who appear to be involved in hacking activity.

The following are five of the most common video recruitment mistakes:

  1. Failing to create a clear job title or role: In a video, it’s essential to be clear about what is sought. Don’t use generic terms like “talent acquisition specialist” or “marketing executive” – give the viewer a specific impression of the role. Try something like “recruiter seeking an experienced project manager for a new software development project.”
  1. Not tailoring the video: Make sure the video is relevant to the company and the position looking to fill. If you are advertising for a software developer, include footage of developers working on real-world projects.
  1. Failing to use visual aids: Use visuals such as graphics, charts, or photos to help explain points in a more visually appealing way.


The future of recruitment is undoubtedly through videos. In a world of recruitment where technology is constantly evolving, it makes sense that videos would play an ever-increasing role in the recruitment process. Videos can attract candidates, showcase company culture and values, and even provide training videos for new employees. The key to success with video recruitment lies in creating engaging content that speaks to the target audience.

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