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Nike AJ Sneaker Prices

The most popular Jordans, the Air Jordan 1, cost between $90 and $170. In addition, men’s and women’s Air Jordans cost an average of $145. The Jordan 11 Blackout Edition (21,780) and the signed Jordan 1 (25,000) are the most expensive air Jordans.

When Michael Jordan signed a five-year footwear contract with Nike, the shoes were born. To match Michael Jordan’s playing style and talent, they were advertised as a high-end product. As a result of their quick sales, Nike Air Jordan paved the way for the mainstreaming of sportswear.

Jordan sneakers have gone through several iterations, each with a distinct price tag. It is based on the demand and exclusivity of the sneakers that the current prices are so high. Keep an eye out for low-quality Air Jordans on the market.

Either a high or low slit

Depending on your preferences, you may get Air Jordans in high, mid, or low cut styles. Overall, the low-tops are more basic and lightweight than any previous Air Jordan model. They are best suited for less strenuous pursuits, such as shorter treks and trails.

They have a higher collar to keep dirt and stones out of the mid-length Jordans. Laces may be tightened and held in place with the help of a metal lacing hook. Because they go with so many various styles of slacks and shorts, these shoes are effortless to dress.

The laces of high-top shoes run over the ankle bones, providing a higher level of ankle support. While walking, running, or participating in other physical activities, they can provide support in the event of sprains. Determine what kind of ankle support you need from the Jordans before purchasing them.

Colours to Choose From

Shoe lovers may choose from various colours when it comes to Air Jordans. OG and New colourways are two of the most prevalent options you’ll come across.

The initial colourway of a Nike Air Jordan shoe is known as the OG colourway. Converse’s Jordan 4 is white cement, whereas the original colourway of the Jordan 1 is black and red.

In honour of the Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan’s team), the colour design of Jordan 1s was inspired by the team’s colours. Colour ideas have come from a variety of sources in the new releases.

The Jordan brand often releases new colourways of classic Jordan shoes to entice new customers. If you’re a fan of new Air Jordan colourways, check out the release dates on their website.


To get shoes that fit and support your feet properly:

  1. Choose an Air Jordan model based on your foot dimensions.
  2. Stand in them while wearing socks if you’re purchasing them from a brick-and-mortar retailer.
  3. See if you can move about comfortably in them by trying them on.

Comfortable shoes should not slip around your heels if they are correctly fitted. If you’re going to be playing in them, you’ll want to make sure they have enough room for your toes.

To prevent receiving too-tight shoes, make sure you measure your feet at least one day before purchasing a pair of Jordans. 

To ensure a snug fit, add 1/8 inch to the rear of your heel. If the shoe is excessively tight, you may have blisters or skin discomfort.

How Well Do They Go With Your Wardrobe, If At All?

Typically, Jordan shoes come in a variety of colour schemes and patterns. To seem fashionable, you should wear multi-coloured Jordans with matching attire.

Do not buy shoes in bright hues such as red or pink; stick to neutrals such as white or grey instead. All of your outfits will look great with these colour selections.

Coordinating your shoe colour scheme with other fashion items like a backpack or hat is also possible. For a trendy style, depending on the colours of the Air Jordans, they go well with watches, neckpieces, and bracelets.


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