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Digital Marketing includes SEO, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing, etc. But SEO is that type of marketing basically all businesses . If you are US-based then you should contact SEO Agency California. Nowadays, every online business company hires SEO specialists to rank their website on the first page of the search engine. Executing SEO wants a clever and shrill mind which can implement the policies according to Google’s algorithm. Because Google and other search engines update their policies and algorithms.

Algorithms of Google

There are many algorithms of google. The following algorithms are as follows:

Panda:  Panda algorithm published on 11thFebrury 2011. In this algorithm, they said, when you write content for your website back linking it will be related to your niche because irrelevant content will not beneficial for you and also checked that the content will not be plagiarized because plagiarize content is of no use. The content should be long and proper because Google gives importance to long content and also give more priority to index and crawled early.

Penguin: It gives instructions to us is that the quality of your backlinks should be good and high quality, when you submit any type of backlinks like a guest post, forums, business listing, and profiles to the site you should always check the niche of a site that always should relate to your business and services. And try to live mostly out of the guest post because google gives more importance to guest posts because a guest post is crawled early more than other links.

Pigeon: Whatever you can search on Google and other search engines they all local searches are coming in the Pigeons category. You have to do Citations through a pigeon. Citation is similar to a business listing. Citations doing to grow your website in maps. But the requirement is that your business name, phone number, and address should be verified. But it is very sensitive if you do any mistake your website will be down.

There are two types of SEO. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. In On-page SEO keyword selection is very important. The keyword is of two types long term and short term. You should select long term because in the long term keyword’s results come earlier more than short term. In Off-page SEO blacklining are very important it helps to grow the website quickly. If you associated high-quality links there is a chances of quick result.

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