A Glance at the Varieties of Biryani Sauce

Biryani is one of the popular of new cooking trends in the modern world today. It’s easy, it’s fast, it tastes great. It even s liked by millions each and every day. They are so good and they make such a statement about you that it’s hard to believe that anyone could cook this stuff without it tasting good. Well, in this article I’m going to tell you about biryani sauce.

What is biryani sauce? It is a traditional curried Indian style preparation made using rice and lentils cooked in a non-stick pan with coconut milk and fried onions. This dish is very popular all over India and even in Pakistan. The recipe was originally intended for use on special occasions such as birthdays but it quickly spread like wildfire in North America where it became a standard Indian dish and soon became the number one cooking option in American restaurants. Because it is so loved it is often served with samosas and served with dessert rather than plain rice.

To make this delicious biryani sauce you will need: two teaspoons of ghee or clarified butter; three onions, washed and cleaned (you should have around four servings), two teaspoons of dried red chilli powder, and one teaspoon of black pepper powder. You can buy ghee from any store or you can just use the warmed butter. If you don’t have a biryani sauce recipe, then just use a normal spice blend. Also add some salt and some oil to make the recipe a little more rich.

To begin your preparation you will need to bring some water to a boil and place the biryani in it. Add the onions and cook them until they are translucent. Then remove them and place the rest of the ingredients into the pan and bring to a gentle boil. Once the biryani is at the proper temperature to turn off the stove and add the chicken pieces. Cover the biryani tightly after it has finished cooking and leave to rest for about twenty minutes or so.

When the chicken is cooked, add the remaining ingredients and mix them all up well. At this point you can either use a food processor or just use a blender to blend everything together until it forms a smooth paste. You will want to heat up the sauce in your frying pan or skillet until it reaches about one hundred and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. You can then drop in your cooked rice and mix it up thoroughly. Heat the biryani sauce to ensure that it is at the right temperature before serving.

Once you taste this delicious chicken biryani sauce you will find it so addictive and you will want to make it again. It is the little touch of spiciness that makes this dish different from others. If you haven’t tried biryani sauce for a delicious rice dish then you are missing out.

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