9 Ways to Get in Your Daily Exercise

Whoever came up with the phrase, “No pain, no gain,” certainly didn’t know how to get us motivated to exercise. Pain is not fun, and neither are the very few results that many exercise programs deliver. It can take months to see a weight loss or improved body mass. Some of us may wonder if hiring a personal trainer is worth it? Or maybe we should reconsider the whole exercise thing and shoot for something that is both healthy and fun.


Walking may not be considered fun but can make you feel rejuvenated without much effort. Instead of driving around a parking lot in anticipation of a car pulling out of a spot, take the furthest parking space that you can find. People have gotten away from walking, and it shows. You will keep your back limber, your legs toned and feel less winded as time goes on.

If you are not lucky enough to live by the ocean, check out the community swimming pool or sports centre. Swimming helps to strengthen muscles and is great for arthritic joints. It relaxes while stimulating. You don’t have to race from end to end. Start at your own pace of floating, paddling and increase as you feel like it. Those with asthma or back pain will also see a significant difference in regular visits to the pool.

Cleaning means different things to different people. There is washing and waxing the car, or there is running the vacuum cleaner. You can just start to see the sweat form when thinking about a cleaning job. Try putting a time limit on one specific chore. It could be dusting the whole house or cleaning the bathrooms. Once you get into it, the adrenaline will kick in. Play a favorite radio station, and it will not seem like work at all.

Play Like You’re a Kid Again
Remember jump rope, hop-scotch and hula-hoop? How many years has it been since you enjoyed these games? Teach your kids or grandkids some of the old-time favorites. You may find yourself in better shape than they are physical. This goes to show that we all need to get outside and play more.

Go to a Dance
It is impossible to attend a dance and watch everyone else. You may be out of breath by the first break, but that’s okay. You are moving! If there are certain movements that you enjoy more than others, like line dancing, practice at home to build up your stamina for that next public dance.

Learn Yoga
Yoga is probably the least understood form of exercise that there is. It consists of controlling your breathing and holding certain poses. This does not sound exhausting at all. The idea behind yoga is to reduce stress while controlling your breath. Amazingly, certain techniques have proven beneficial to back pain, heart disease and high blood pressure by balancing the body, soul and mind.

Tai-chi (Tie-CHEE)
Tai-chi is a very mild form of exercise. It consists of a series of movements that are deliberate and constant. Tai-chi was once considered a type of self-defense. However, the benefits of increasing stamina and strength and improving balance and muscle flexibility moved it into a new category of exercise.

Climbing Stairs
Having a two-story house isn’t all bad. There is always something upstairs that you need. You can burn 5-10 calories and improve your cardio-respiratory health. Stair climbing is considered strenuous, so if you have trouble with knee pain or trouble breathing, don’t push it.

Babysit for a Toddler
Nothing will give you more unplanned exercise than keeping an eye on a toddler. It is almost like they have certain triggers to get you up on your feet and run toward their cries. Even when silent, the urge to check out the activity is always present. While this may not be considered exercise, it keeps you moving without thinking of straining muscles or being tired. Running, bending, stretching and squatting will burn off the calories without even thinking about it.

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